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Guiding you to heal yourself while creating your ultimate life!

Step into a deep transformational journey into rediscovering yourself

Hello Lovely Souls!

My name is Alexandra 

Spiritual Coach . Hypnotherapist . Medicine Woman


As a life coach and hypnotherapist, I help my clients with a lot of different areas in their lives but my main specialities are providing healing and up levelling in your relationships, career/money and also you yourself as a person. 

I help people release any old programs/limiting beliefs/trauma from the past that is still holding them back in the same repetitive loops and never seeming to move forward.

As I help people release all of that baggage, we also go in and start laying a NEW foundation so that you start actually making REAL changes in your life and start seeing those changes completely transform you. 

It is a deep, profound and transformational journey truly but once you are DONE with everything you were doing before and not really seeing the results, is when people will start looking for alternative ways, more holistic ways that incorporate ancient practices to finally release the old version of yourself and step into who you truly want to become. 

This is when people usually find me and they come to me as they have tried it all and are tired of applying, reading, thinking and not really doing the work. 

I always say to people, it won't be easy work and to really change your life takes a level of dedication, open heartedness and vulnerability to overcome all the challenges in your way, but nonetheless it will be exciting and fulfilling once you start seeing the changes in yourself and in your life. 

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Book a Discovery Call

Free Consultation Call

Let's jump on a 30 min call, we will discuss whether this is the right fit for you and answer any questions you have about the services that I offer.

Healing Therapy


Hypnotherapy is great at releasing any old blockages/traumas/limiting beliefs and actually help you to MOVE forward with your life, instead of constantly feeling like you are stuck in the same old repetitive patterns.

Healing Therapy


Welcome to the spiritual realm, this is for the mystics, the goddesses, star seeds & light workers. Here we can dive into the world of exploring your past lives, future lives and connecting with your higher self  to receive any guidance

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Investing in yourself is one of the most important things that successful people do! This is where we can fully step into the unknown and grow into the individuals we truly want to become, while creating a life worth living!



"I did a hypnotherapy session with Alexandra a few months ago and found it profoundly life changing, I had been doing a lot of development work for the last 2 years however I felt that I had a block somewhere that I just couldn’t get to, I felt that there was more healing to be done but couldn’t figure out where, the pain and trauma was so deeply hidden in my subconscious that I couldn’t access it in my normal state. Alexandra helped me bring those memories to my conscious level where I was able to see them from my adult state and finally heal.  I will forever be grateful for the experience; I know I could not have done this on my own."
  - Brenda R.

"Alexa has something that makes her a truly impactful coach, and that is unconditional positive regard. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and not be judged or made to feel less than. She has a very positive energy and you can't help but take on that energy yourself! At the same time she is empathetic when it comes to heavy topics. She is very approachable when it comes to sensitive issues you may need help with and may have difficulties talking about. I felt a sense of relief when I brought up my problems with her because she genuinely wanted to help me. Life has ups and downs and Alexa really does make you feel like you aren't alone when dealing with whatever life throws at you. Her advice has been very helpful for me. I'm glad I reached out to Alexa because the encouragement she has given me has made a world of a difference in my life. "

 -Avissa F.

"Before I met Alexandra, I just knew I wanted to dig deeper, know more about what is hidden still inside of me. She helped me discover more of my limiting beliefs, guided me through the process of changing these beliefs with ones that were serving my true nature and have more control over my life in this way. Since we worked together, I have been manifesting much more of what I want and less of what does not serve me anymore. These manifestations are also faster and more magical. 

Alexandra is a wonderful human being and her warmth and beautiful energy are just amazing. I loved having her be part of my journey for a while, and I thank her very much for everything she brought me!"
- Salma T.

"I really adore the glow and positivity Alexandra projects. We did a hypnotherapy session, which was my first ever doing one. I was taken back to certain scenes I never truly ever thought about and learned how some scenarios impacted me and created patterns within myself as I carried it from childhood to adulthood which played a huge role into creating that anxiety and depression. I was given a recording by Alexandra to listen to for 21 days straight in order to create a habit of thinking in a healthier manner. It was not easy, but it is not something that happens overnight. I feel like as an individual you really need to push yourself to make this work. You need to work with the recording, not just listen to it. Over the course of the next few weeks I felt more positive and was more kind to myself, even accepting compliments from my boyfriend instead of telling him to stop. Alexandra is a genuine person who truly just wants to help you realize that you are really much more than how you perceive yourself to be. I would highly recommend her."

-Alexa G. 

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Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Let's hop on a clarity call together and dive into what has been going on in your life and let's start creating the kind of  life your higher self would be honoured living.

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