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life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Are you ready for a permanent and fulfilling change in your life?
Are you ready to uncover the root causes of your blocks and problems?
Are you ready to ultimately be responsible and be the master creator of redesigning your life YOUR way?


Re-Design Your Life

Alexandra Cezak studied with several life coaches while also having many life obstacles and experiences that she naturally was drawn to re-creating her self and life her way!
She took many personal development courses, read tons of books about the power of our mind so that she can enhance her life the way she wants it. She  enjoys doing this kind of work so much that she absolutely loves sharing this gift with others helping them change their life for the better.

She studied and learned with one of the best hypnotherapy techniques to date, over taking psychology and psychiatry, as hypnosis is one of the most proven ways to get FAST and permanent results. 

Offering Virtual Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Looking for Short Term?

Want only one session with some support?


Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Will Help You:

>> Achieve your life vision.
>> Enhance your confidence, self-esteem and overall fulfillment.
>> Have more energy throughout your day.
>> Uncover hidden blocks.
>> Find out root causes of trauma.
>> Stress management.
>> Healthier and loving relationships.
>> Create permanent and lasting change.
>> Get clear on all areas of your life.


Schedule a Complementary Discovery Call

A free 60 minute online call with me discussing where you are currently at, what your goals are, what is blocking you and getting your questions answered.


Redesign your life

by redefining the ways you lived.
Check out what is stopping you from
achieving what you always wished.

- Pooja Sharma

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