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Life Coaching

You Must Find the Place Inside Yourself  Where Nothing is Impossible - Deepak Chopra

Take the leap of faith and dive into a transformational journey with a Coach by your side to keep you accountable and help you change your story.

Hello Lovely Souls!

It's time to step into the unknown and into your full potential! 

I have created my coaching programs based on all the healing work I myself had to go through, all the knowledge that I have gained through countless courses, resources and mentors. 

I have found what works best and packaged it in such a way where you may receive all the healing in a shorter period of time compared to  all the time, energy and money I invested into my own journey. 

My coaching packages are specifically designed for people who are truly DONE with sitting at the therapist office for countless years and not seeing any real or significant difference in themselves and their lives.

They are ready for change, ready to be kept accountable and ACTUALLY do the work to witness their life changing before them, and that can happen quite rapidly too - as long as you are ready to step up into your healing, your growth and become the person you have always wanted to become! 

I believe that you are absolutely deserving enough to heal, feel radiant about yourself and actually live a life where you are happy waking up to every single day! That wonderful life is 100% available to you, as long as you take the steps forward and make the right changes that I can help you with.

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Work Desk

The best thing you can do for your life is to invest in YOURSELF. 
With life coaching we get into what are the specific reasons, limiting beliefs, traumas and blockages that are getting in the way of creating your ultimate life. 
I use a very powerful tool; hypnotherapy to discover the ROOT CAUSE of those limiting beliefs. As a protective mechanism our subconscious minds like to tuck away the most fundamental belief over layers of other smaller beliefs or thought patterns. 
As we reveal the root cause, I help my clients to integrate beneficial beliefs/thought patterns/programs into their subconscious so that they can experience the results they would love to achieve. 
Along with that, I incorporate a lot of different metaphysical methods, strategies and practices that help you elevate while also cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself and your life where you end up feeling more fulfilled, more passionate and living in your purpose.




"When i met Alexandra i was experiencing many changes in my life. I had moved from overseas to a whole new environment, culture and people, away from my family and support system. Alexandra helped me understand the changes i was going through and inspired me to come out of my shell. Through her attitude, outlook and her previous experience she was able to explain and discuss my issues or concerns in postive light showing me there is so much more to an experience, to focus on what i am gaining instead of what i may be losing. The way she lives her life and looks at experiences, inspires me to become a better person with a stronger mind and spirit.


I found Alexandra  to be different to what I assumed or perceived a life coach to be. She was inspiring and took the time to understand my thoughts and feelings on situations which gave a personalized feel to her service.

Alexandra is  incredibly positive and uplifting soul with a contagious affect.


Alexandra is insightful and confident in what she is teaching. I always come away looking at things in a different light or new light, questioning what i previously thought and referring back to our sessions in my everyday life.

I am lucky enough to have Alexandra as a life long coach."


 -Emma P

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