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Access your own unlimited potential & release the past from ever stopping you again.

Step inside to discover yourself & design a life of your dreams

A Gateway into the Quantum Temple Within You

“The Subconscious mind is like a tape player, until you change the tape, it will not change.” - Bruce Lipton

From feeling stuck, disconnected, confused & frustrated to connecting to a deeper part of myself, releasing old hurt and finally understanding my life’s purpose… 

Meet Alexandra

 Hello lovely souls,

There was a time in my life where I felt like I didn’t belong here on earth, I wasn’t deserving of all the goodness that others were so easily and seamlessly receiving and I just didn’t realize how much frustration, anger, sadness and past hurt I was holding on to.

Through so many traumatic experiences, failed relationships and unfulfilling jobs, I finally hit a point to where I had enough. Nothing I was doing (spiritual books, audio tapes, traditional therapy) worked and I came to a point where I needed something more, something that at first truly scared me.

Scared because I wasn’t sure how ready I was to release the past trauma and to also see myself as worthy enough to invest in something that could really transform my life and no longer see myself as a victim.

Copy of Conn.png

So I leaped as I reminded myself of a quote I absolutely adore to this day: “Leap & and the net will appear” - John Burroughs into life coaching and hypnotherapy that truly helped me realize all the old stories that were holding me back in my life and all the patterns that I picked up when I was younger as a form of survival but were no longer benefiting me as an adult. It was tough work but because I had the guidance and the space of a someone who has been there before, I was able to move through the blockages and really dig into my subconscious mind to understand myself and my reality better.

As I released, I also started to re-build my life. I really got to understand myself on a deeper level, who I was and who I wanted to become. I literally started to REPROGRAM my mind to the things I wanted to experience and to the life I wanted to live and am WORTHY of living.

It was a true transformation and to be honest, it doesn’t stop for me as I continue this work into going deeper and deeper into myself (I don’t think that will ever stop) but the beautiful thing is I truly got to change so many things about my life for the better. I am no longer in unfulfilling jobs or relationships and my life has truly morphed into profound MAGIC I get to experience on a daily basis.

It is so beautiful and I want so many other lost souls to experience the same transformation (or better!) as I did! So I invite you to take a look at this beautiful package I made specifically for you & those past versions of myself. As I can say that I would be honoured as the past version of me to be given this exact gift I have made. 

What is The Gateway to the Quantum Temple within You 

Sitting Meditation

It is the exact package that a past version of myself would of wanted aka lost souls - and I say that in the most loving way because hey, I was one and we are looking for that golden nugget to help us have some sense of guidance.

I went through so many different hoops/coaches/programs to receive the transformation I was looking for and that costed quite the investment when I had to pay for all those things SEPARATELY.

Which is why I designed this package so that it has everything you need to overcome past trauma, heal and also redesign yourself and your life and have a deeper sense of purpose within your life.  It has all the golden nuggets that I used in my healing journey so that you don’t have to go through so many different and separate avenues to receive the healing that you so deserve.

I have also included so many beautiful bonuses to help you on this journey as I have found that these gems helped and healed me so much through this process. 


Hypnosis is the state where your body becomes very relaxed but your mind is still alert

Why life coaching & hypnotherapy?


How many of us have actually kept ourselves accountable when we are going through major shifts and changes?
Probably not many of us and it’s completely understandable as to why we wouldn’t. Our minds are PROGRAMMED into our habitual ways of being which is why change is hard for us especially if we have been behaving or have a certain pattern run in our lives for many, many years.

Having a coach that can work with you on keeping you accountable, having you show up in a certain way so that your subconscious mind can start accepting this NEW YOU will firstly ensure that your change happens in a rapid way and that it will stay with you even after you are done your program.

Hypnotherapy helps with uncovering the root cause of your past trauma/blockages/patterns. Our

subconscious has a very clever way of hiding our issues because it is believes it is there to keep you “safe” as you have learned this way of being when you were a child.

When we are kids (from age 0 to around 7 years old) we are in a state of hypnosis, meaning that whatever you see, hear or create a meaning about (which is everything in our world) your subconscious will rapidly download that information and have you perceive the world a certain way based on the meaning you created around it. 


Most of us didn’t create meanings about career, relationships and ourselves in a great way and because of that we will see those meanings being played out in our lives which will result in us feeling that we aren’t good enough, worthy or have a purpose in our lives etc.

Hypnosis will help uncovering those old, outdated meanings and help put in new and empowering ones so that when you go out into the world, you will start to receive and perceive the world in a way that benefits you.

This is exactly why I have created this package so that it combines both life coaching AND hypnotherapy so that you have the benefits of both in ONE container. 

A Gateway into the Quantum
Temple within You

A 6 week transformation to awaken your higher self through powerful new beliefs, expanded consciousness & self realization

Here is where your beautiful journey will begin over 6-weeks, in completely overcoming your past trauma, fully stepping into your newly embodied self and walking this Earth plane with a sense of purpose, drive and fulfillment.


Bonus with the course


Gift #1:
Personalized Hypnotherapy Audio Recording

Value: $500

To help serve you to your very BEST and receiving the results that you are looking for, I am including a very beautiful bonus of giving you a PERSONALIZED audio recording after the hypnotherapy session to help support all the changes you wish to see in yourself and in your life. 

Gift #2:
Cacao Ceremony Practice

Value: Priceless

This beautiful & deep spiritual practice has really helped me connect deeper to myself and to the universe. Here I will give you my own personal experience, what is cacao and how you can work with it, PLUS a very special guest Judy Machado shares her story and how she works with this divine plant.

Gift 1.png
Gift 2.png

Gift #3:
Journal Pages to Tapping into Your Higher Consciousness

Value: $27

Along with this deep and profound work, I am including 30 journal prompts to help you understand yourself better and the life you are creating. The body is the subconscious mind so writing through it, is always a good way to see what’s hidden within you. 

Gift #4:
Connecting with Your Higher Self Guided Meditation 

Value: $30

This beautiful guided meditation will help you connect with your higher self to truly get a better understanding of what that version of yourself is doing and how they are living their lives. This will help bring in that reality to the current one you are living.


Gift 3.png
Gift 4.png

Gift #5:
24/7 Communication Support

Value: $400

With your package, you will also be receiving 24/7 communication support via telegram/whatsapp as outside of our sessions, there are often questions or things people will encounter, so this will help you will understanding what is going on and how you can integrate everything you are learning. 

Gift #6:
Daily Qigong Practice

Value: Priceless

Diving into the world of energy - literally! Qigong is a beautiful supportive practice to balancing our bodies/energies/mental states from who we use to be to the person we want to become. Here I share my own personal story plus the benefits of Qigong & the videos that I myself do my routine with. 

Gift 5.png

How Others Have Received Their Transformations

I did a hypnotherapy session with Alexandra a few months ago and found it profoundly life changing, I had been doing a lot of development work for the last 2 years however I felt that I had a block somewhere that I just couldn’t get to, I felt that there was more healing to be done but couldn’t figure out where, the pain and trauma was so deeply hidden in my subconscious that I couldn’t access it in my normal state. Alexandra helped me bring those memories to my conscious level where I was able to see them from my adult state and finally heal.  I will forever be grateful for the experience; I know I could not have done this on my own.   Brenda R.

"Alexa has something that makes her a truly impactful coach, and that is unconditional positive regard. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and not be judged or made to feel less than. She has a very positive energy and you can't help but take on that energy yourself! At the same time she is empathetic when it comes to heavy topics. She is very approachable when it comes to sensitive issues you may need help with and may have difficulties talking about. I felt a sense of relief when I brought up my problems with her because she genuinely wanted to help me. Life has ups and downs and Alexa really does make you feel like you aren't alone when dealing with whatever life throws at you. Her advice has been very helpful for me. I'm glad I reached out to Alexa because the encouragement she has given me has made a world of a difference in my life. 

 -Avissa F.

 Before I met Alexandra, I just knew I wanted to dig deeper, know more about what is hidden still inside of me. She helped me discover more of my limiting beliefs, guided me through the process of changing these beliefs with ones that were serving my true nature and have more control over my life in this way. Since we worked together, I have been manifesting much more of what I want and less of what does not serve me anymore. These manifestations are also faster and more magical. 

Alexandra is a wonderful human being and her warmth and beautiful energy are just amazing. I loved having her be part of my journey for a while, and I thank her very much for everything she brought me! - Salma T.

"Working with Alexa was a really fun and uplifting experience. The tools that she shared with me to help me through some of my issues were and still are very invaluable. She helped me find more time for the things that I love and supported me in following other avenues of joy! I also found that my business started increasing and even passing my income goal! -Maegen H.

I really adore the glow and positivity Alexandra projects. As I watched her on Instagram spread affirmations and self-love, I had to reach out to her and let her know how her attitude was something I really admired about her and wished I could think in such a positive way, which then led to me opening up about my struggle with my panic and anxiety disorder, as well as major depression. Without hesitation, she offered to guide me. The following week we did a hypnotherapy session, which was my first ever doing one. I was taken back to certain scenes I never truly ever thought about and learned how some scenarios impacted me and created patterns within myself as I carried it from childhood to adulthood which played a huge role into creating that anxiety and depression. I was given a recording by Alexandra to listen to for 21 days straight in order to create a habit of thinking in a healthier manner. It was not easy, but it is not something that happens overnight. I feel like as an individual you really need to push yourself to make this work. You need to work with the recording, not just listen to it.

Over the course of the next few weeks I felt more positive and was more kind to myself, even accepting compliments from my boyfriend instead of telling him to stop. At the same time, I felt like a part of me did not get the chance to open up to Alexandra. In this case, I felt like my past trauma out of childhood still lingered, such as being cheated on and emotionally abused by former partners in my young adulthood. She was aware of this, so she invited me back for another session this time to focus on that. This session for me had a lot of tears and honesty, going back to scenes I never told anyone about. I am currently closing in on my 21 day mark for the recording Alexandra did for me on this one. I definitely feel freer and less triggered by my past.

Alexandra is a genuine person who truly just wants to help you realize that you are really much more than how you perceive yourself to be. I would highly recommend her.

-Alexa G. 

"When i met Alexandra i was experiencing many changes in my life. I had moved from overseas to a whole new environment, culture and people, away from my family and support system. Alexandra helped me understand the changes i was going through and inspired me to come out of my shell. Through her attitude, outlook and her previous experience she was able to explain and discuss my issues or concerns in postive light showing me there is so much more to an experience, to focus on what i am gaining instead of what i may be losing. The way she lives her life and looks at experiences, inspires me to become a better person with a stronger mind and spirit.

I found Alexandra  to be different to what I assumed or perceived a life coach to be. She was inspiring and took the time to understand my thoughts and feelings on situations which gave a personalized feel to her service.

Alexandra is  incredibly positive and uplifting soul with a contagious affect.

Alexandra is insightful and confident in what she is teaching. I always come away looking at things in a different light or new light, questioning what i previously thought and referring back to our sessions in my everyday life.

I am lucky enough to have Alexandra as a life long coach."

 -Emma P

“If we can get your subconscious mind to agree with your conscious mind about being happy, that’s when your positive thoughts work.” - Bruce Lipton

This program will allow you to fully surrender all your baggage and transform into the highest version of yourself. 

Giving people the space to feel safe and truly going into the deepest parts and layers of yourself is no easy task but knowing that you can be held in that safety and vulnerability is when healing happens. You can fully allow yourself to just let go of everything that’s been holding you back and surrender it, that is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

It is becoming anew, it is committing yourself to a journey of self discovery and truly creating your life consciously without the habitual programs from the past.

Along with the ride is where you will also receive 6 beautiful bonuses to help you really transcend and rise to your ultimate self.

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Copy of A Gateway into the Quantum Temple WithinYou.png

Are you ready to dive in and start your journey?? 

 Book your 30 min call with me so that I can answer any of your questions and give you clarity on how this process will work. 

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