Online Life Coaching

Most of us are super busy these days running around from the office, to picking up the kids, stuck in traffic and going to different appointments throughout the week which means our MENTAL HEALTH is our least priority.
I meet my clients online for this reason, so it can work with their schedule, getting the help and support they truly need. 
Virtual coaching works just as well as in person, sometimes even better as clients are able to relax, be at ease and feel more comfortable in their own environments. 




Complementary Discovery Call

Packages I Offer

3 Month Commitment (12 Sessions)

1 Hour Weekly Sessions
Email, Online Support
3 Hypnosis Sessions
3 Main Areas of Focus

6 Month Commitment (24 Sessions)

1 Hour Weekly Sessions
Email, Online Support
6 Hypnosis Sessions
6 Main Areas of Focus

1 Year Commitment (48 Sessions)

1 Hour Weekly Sessions
Email, Online Support
12 Hypnosis Sessions
12 Main Areas of Focus

12 Main Categories

>> Relationships
>> Work/Career Life
>> Character/Personality
>> Social Life
>> Family
>> Emotional 
>> Financial Life
>> Health & Wellness
>> Parenting/Mentoring
>> Intellect
>> Creativity
>> Quality of Life/ Life Vision

Ready to Re-Design My Life

Looking for Short Term?

Want something more short term and financially friendly?

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