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What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who is trained in identifying certain underlining causes and limitations the client puts on themselves and their lives, that often hold them back in a place where they continuously  are feeling stuck. 
A life coach is trained to hold space, actively listen and effectively communicate with their clients so that the client can start to come to their own realizations of their patterns in life.
The role of a coach is to help you identify those patterns and problems, equip you with proper tools and techniques in creating a new life and maximize your potential. 
While doing all of that, they keep you accountable throughout your journey as obstacles and challenges will often appear. It's a process but with the right coach, they help you integrate the person you truly want to become.

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What does a life coach do?

A Life coach main job is to help bring awareness of your limitations, thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your old ways. 
Ideally, they equip you with the tools, techniques and strategies that you carry with you for a life time, so that you don't need to depend something outside of you for your whole life. 
They empower you, build your  confidence and help you realize your true potential. They help with your mind set so that you can start clearly seeing all the gifts within you that you always had. 

They help you build a road map to the life you have always wanted to live, so that you feel confident walking towards your future, regardless of what challenging situations come up.

" A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness!"
- Michael Jordan

My Commitment to You

  • To see the best in you and all your beautiful gifts you have come to share with this world.

  • To always be 100% authentic with you and never hold back in telling you what needs to change.

  • To give my best with all the tools, techniques and strategies I have been taught to help improve your life.

  • To help you build a positive, empowering and powerful mindset about yourself and your life.

  • To encourage  and motivate your self discovery and growth.

  • To always hold you responsible and accountable for the life you want to build.

  • To discover and understand the person you actually want to become and the kind of life that will best suit you.

  • To help integrate all the new beliefs and habits when going through the transitional stages of becoming your new self.

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How does life coaching
look like?

In the very first sessions, it's very important to first and foremost identify what your goals are and what you would like to get out of working with a coach. By first understanding your dream and desires, is when a coach will move on in helping you identify the certain blocks, patterns and limits that are stopping you from achieving that vision. 
I go a step further and do a hypnotherapy session on all my coaching clients to really understand the ROOT CAUSE (as we all have one) that has been implanted in you and has been causing the troubles in your life. 
I help create a plan with you afterwards in achieving your desires and guide you to integrate the new person you want to become. 
I hold you accountable as you move through the "growing" stages of becoming the highest version of yourself and give you tools when you go through obstacles and challenges that may come up during your journey. All of this will ensure your success in cultivating your best life.  



"Working with Alexa was a really fun and uplifting experience. The tools that she shared with me to help me through some of my issues were and still are very invaluable. She helped me find more time for the things that I love and supported me in following other avenues of joy! I also found that my business started increasing and even passing my income goal!"

 - Maegen H. Hamilton, Ontario

Ready to Re-Design Your Life?

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