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"Belief without talent can take you further than talent without belief. But when you have both, you're unstoppable." - Marisa Peer


Hello Lovely Souls!


Welcome to the most fascinating world - the world of the SUBCONSCIOUS mind!

When I started my healing journey of becoming aware that patterns exist and there is a reason why I kept repeating them, that was a key component of really making me open my eyes to the way that life works.

What took it a step further was what was below my conscious mind and discovering the ROOT CAUSE of my beliefs, patterns and trauma. It was like unlocking a hidden room somewhere deep within myself, and all the baggage I was carrying with me that I wasn't actually conscious of. 

Was it hard to go back and see some things that I didn't on a day to day basis remember but when fully relaxed and under suggestion, I was able to access the very things that were controlling my life?

Absolutely! But see we must shed light to the things that are running unconsciously, so that we can heal and release them for good. Once we are able to release the old, we can now go in and start paving the way of the new beliefs, programs and patterns that we want to 
instill within us.

Once you release all the hard wired beliefs in you that aren't serving you anymore, there is such a deep sense of freedom that everyone should experience!


By addressing, directing and commanding your subconscious mind, to find and show you the several images of why you keep experiencing a certain problem in your life is the first step to actually releasing it. 

We must see it in order to understand it and let it go. I get the client in a relaxed state, very similar to a meditative state and helping you navigate the things you are seeing and experiencing. 

It is very important to note that you won't re-experience certain scenes as if you are really there, but you will see it as if you are the observer. As if you are watching a movie, so you won't experience any physical or actually pain. 

With the hypnosis I combine components of NLP, CBT and psychotherapy to help address what is going on and to release those memories from you. 

Hypnosis is also a very natural state as we enter hypnosis many times throughout the day without knowing it. So everyone can enter the state of hypnosis. 

After the hypnotherapy session, I make a unique and personalized recording so that my clients can start to rewire their subconscious mind and start to experience the results they have been looking for.

It is a very effective, fast and easy solution in finding your root causes of your issues/blockages/traumas, while placing new, positive and empowering thoughts and beliefs into your subconscious mind to produce long lasting and life changing results.




I really adore the glow and positivity Alexandra projects. As I watched her on Instagram spread affirmations and self-love, I had to reach out to her and let her know how her attitude was something I really admired about her and wished I could think in such a positive way, which then led to me opening up about my struggle with my panic and anxiety disorder, as well as major depression. Without hesitation, she offered to guide me. The following week we did a hypnotherapy session, which was my first ever doing one. I was taken back to certain scenes I never truly ever thought about and learned how some scenarios impacted me and created patterns within myself as I carried it from childhood to adulthood which played a huge role into creating that anxiety and depression. I was given a recording by Alexandra to listen to for 21 days straight in order to create a habit of thinking in a healthier manner. It was not easy, but it is not something that happens overnight. I feel like as an individual you really need to push yourself to make this work. You need to work with the recording, not just listen to it.

Over the course of the next few weeks I felt more positive and was more kind to myself, even accepting compliments from my boyfriend instead of telling him to stop. At the same time, I felt like a part of me did not get the chance to open up to Alexandra. In this case, I felt like my past trauma out of childhood still lingered, such as being cheated on and emotionally abused by former partners in my young adulthood. She was aware of this, so she invited me back for another session this time to focus on that. This session for me had a lot of tears and honesty, going back to scenes I never told anyone about. I am currently closing in on my 21 day mark for the recording Alexandra did for me on this one. I definitely feel freer and less triggered by my past.


Alexandra is a genuine person who truly just wants to help you realize that you are really much more than how you perceive yourself to be. I would highly recommend her.


-Alexa G. 

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