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Connect With Your Higher Self

Step into the magical world within yourself ! This is such a deep and beautiful way of connecting with yourself, your spirit guides, angels, higher self, past and future lives. If you are that divine cosmic soul that is ready to go into the depths of yourself and find profound answers to some of your burning questions, then a BQH session is exactly what you may be looking for. It is always such an honour for me to be apart of your inner world journey and see the different worlds or experiences you may have. The synchronicities  that people have after these sessions always leave me with goose bumps and delightful surprise the client. 

With Quantum Healing Hypnosis,
You'll Learn:

  • About your higher self.

  • About your cosmic and soul families.

  • Other past lives you have lived. 

  • Future lives that are happening right now!

  • Letting go of any past hurt/energies that may be lingering on still. 

  • To connect with your inner child. 

  • Answers to your most deepest questions.

  • About your purpose in this life. 

  • Whether you are on the right path or not. 

Meditating at Home

This Hypnosis is For You If:

  • You are a cosmic and spiritual soul.

  • You crave to have a deep relationship with your higher self. 

  • You believe in the spiritual realm. 

  • You want to know who your spiritual team is and how they support you. 

  • You want to understand your life's purpose or mission here on Earth. 

  • You want to discover your past and/or future lives. 

  • You want to explore wherever your soul will take you. 

  • You want to discover your akashic records. 

  • You have deep questions that only the spiritual side will have answers for. 


There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination
-Dolores Cannon


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Will Help You :

  • To connect with your higher self.

  • Release old fears and negative energies from this life and past/future lives. 

  • Heal generational wounds. 

  • Connect with your spiritual team and ET life. 

  • To realize how much depth you have with the lives you have lived. 

  • Understand your purpose and mission on Earth.

  • Get a better understanding of yourself. 

  • Solve any mysteries you have been wondering about. 

  • Create a deeper connection with yourself even after the session. 

  • See the magic in everyday life. 

Common Hypnotherapy Myths:

  • That a hypnotist uses a pendulum.

  • You will be blacked out and completely unaware of what's going on. 

  • The hypnotist is able to control you and tell you to do things that you don't want to do. 

  • That the client can stay in a state of hypnosis forever. 

  • Only certain groups of people can be hypnotized.



"Alexandra is a very bright & competent healer with a fluid and adaptive approach. The BQH session we had was full of profound insights and helped me get a higher perspective on my life purpose & projects. This encounter was like a true sunbeam! ☀️"

Remy L. 

Ready for Magic!

Book your 60 min clarity call to dwelve into the mystery that is you & find out more about your higher self and spiritual connections.

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