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2019 Intention Setting | Creating a Dream Life

Intention + Action = Magic I have been setting intentions every year, right on the first of January for 3/4 years now! I have honestly seen this work so beautifully - that I really look forward to setting my intentions and seeing how they manifest by the end of the year. The past years, I have intended on manifesting moving out, getting a car, purchasing a car & some trips; and to my surprise all of them have COME TRUE!!! Of course, there were some things that did not but the reason could of been that I wasn't truly focusing on them. My attitude about them was "well if it happens, cool. If not, cool. Meh" Now, I don't believe in sitting and doing nothing waiting for you intentions/desires to come to fruition but I do believe once you have a certain desire followed by a good emotional response; you get inspired to take certain actions to get you to those goals. In my video below, I talk a little more in detail on how I do this and what to expect. I also mention my opinion on the differences between setting intentions VS. resolutions. I believe those two are very different hence why most people actually see a difference with setting intentions (LEAST RESISTANT) to setting resolutions (QUITE RESISTANT).

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I hope I inspired you to set your own intentions for January 2019 and see how it all comes out by the end of 2019. I know I'm excited !!! :)


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