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Allow Your Intuition To Guide You | Trust The Unfolding

"Trust your intuition. You don't need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone, Just trust your own inner guidance, it knows best."

INTUITION It is something we all hear people say: "Follow your intuition." "Listen to your gut." "I should of listened to my gut feeling. Ugh" But the thing is, most of us have practiced NOT listening to our intuition / our hearts, since a lot of people ALSO say: "Are you really sure you want to do that?!" "It's a risk! What if you lose everything?" "Don't listen to what the heart wants, think about it logically!" "The heart wants what it wants and there's no logic to it." and honestly the list goes on...

WHY? because people most often tune into the negative of what can happen and how badly you could be "risking" your life. And because most of society lives in this kind of "danger zone", so most people listen to that and don't follow their hearts/intuition and just go with what seems "logical". But that is when we get out of touch with our higher selves; our intuition. Think about it, you FEEEEEEEL what you want to be doing or the decision you want to make but most people talk you out of it and tell you to think logically about it; ONLY to discover after you made the decision that everyone else told you to make, you think: "I should of listened to my gut." Dum... dum... dum.. !! HONESTLY, how many times have you thought that to yourself? I know I thought that quite a few times and every time I did, I would promise myself that next time I would listen to my gut feeling. I only took that decision seriously about over a year ago and I am at a much happier and positive place thanks to that. ​ Just to be clear that doesn't mean to say that the "logical" solution is always wrong. Sometimes the "logical" solution actually ended up being a wonderful decision but to tell you the truth, how it did feel when making that decision? Usually, it actually does feel good, so in a way, you were actually listening to your intuition that time but you just didn't know because , WE DON'T PRACTICE IT ENOUGH SO, how do you start knowing the difference? Start asking yourself questions like: "Why is this feeling with me right now?" "What is it trying to teach me?" "Does this feel right?" "What does my heart want?" "What would make me happier" "Which path is the path of less resistance?"

Asking yourself those questions will lead you to understand the difference! Start meditating and start TRUSTING YOURSELF. Often time we know the answer already but we are so use to getting feedback from others that we will go to people just to confirm that we are making the correct decision. Your higher amazing self already KNOWS THE ANSWER! The more you start practicing it, the more you start trusting it, the easier it will be to differentiate your intuition versus your ego coming in to over analyze and protect you. You start tuning into your body. Start feeling every feeling that comes up, instead of rejecting it. Watch my video as I go into more depth about how to start trusting your intuition and how it can lead you to the places you want to go!

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