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Allow Yourself to Let Go | 5 Tips For a Balanced Mind

"when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." - Lao Tzu

- LETTING GO - Can be so scary for most people because we have a certain belief that if we don't we have everything under control, which is far from the truth, things will go haywire. When we release all the resistance and just allow us to go with the flow of life, that is when we start gaining more control over where we are going and how to respond to certain circumstances. I understand this fear and I also understand why a lot of people have an issue with letting go and releasing outcomes to whether you believe in a god or just a higher power. You release it, you allow it to be.


"By Releasing Control over circumstances, you gain more control over your life." - Kyle Maynard


The funny thing is though, when we don't we create more resistance hence expecting a certain outcome to come out a more negative way, which when we do expect the negative, it almost always does. We allow the freedom of it working out one way or another.(I made a post about expectations recently, there it explains how your expectations create reality)

Letting go is something I am continuously learning and getting better at, I tell myself almost on a daily basis: "Just let it go. Let it all go. it doesn't matter, this issue is truly something so small." and some days, it's easier than others. But on the harder days, I shift my perspective and see what I am actually doing to MYSELF when I don't let go and create more resistance towards the matter. I actually end up hurting myself more and I know some of you may be thinking how. When we start to fret, worry, become anxious and irritable, we start making our bodies go into a very high level of fight or flight which IS NOT GOOD FOR US. Basically you are telling your nervous system that this issue or person is going to kill you and you may die.

NOW - when you break it down that way, you are able to see that definitely what you are going through is NOT going to HURT YOU in any way, shape or form and you can start asking yourself if it's truly worth putting yourself, body and mind through that much stress? - which BTW ages you faster..... Plus when you also start to understand, what is your stress and anxiety actually going to help you with? How are those high level of emotions going to FIX the issue? We all know that only a calm, peaceful mind can come up with resolutions and fix problems.


"I release any feelings of competition or comparison. I simply do my best and enjoy being me." - Louise Hay


This is when you can start saying to yourself: "Okay, just let go. I am letting go of all these emotions, feelings and outcomes." I am going to give up and allow whatever is meant to be, be. AGAIN which sounds scary at first but it's the one way of re-balancing yourself and finding reasonable solutions. Don't forget our mind is VERY SMART in figuring problems out, ESPECIALLY when we are in a calm and relaxed state, that is when our blood goes back into our heads and not our bodies making us ready to fight or run away from something.

Here are some ways you can start getting into the process of letting go: 1. Write EVERYTHING OUT, get a journal or piece of paper and just start writing about how it makes you feel. Don't stop until you feel like you have nothing else left to write. 2. Do a meditation on letting go. There are so many meditations out there and based on how you are feeling in the moment. Go on youtube and find what you are in need of. - FYI - I have linked some of my favourite meditations in my youtube video, so go and check it out. 3. Speak to someone, and I am not just talking about a friend or family (even though some may truly help, some may instill more doubt and fear) go talk to a counselor, therapist, life coach or mentor. Someone who may have been in your shoes before and now understands a way out or by looking at things in a different perspective. 4. Be grateful. I know this one comes up a lot but honestly it is HUGE in seeing how blessed you are, how amazing your life is, how your problem is actually very small. Being grateful will allow you to come into a state of mind that releases the initial problem and concentrates on a solution. 5. Be Lazy. Seriously, and I don't mean it in a bad way but what I mean is don't follow your regular routine, sometimes our own routine gets us all clogged up and we just need a time and day to be... HUMAN. So allow yourself for letting go from your schedule, go home early, stay at home and do what makes YOU feel good that maybe you haven't done in a while (i.e. take a bath, drink some wine, lay on the couch and watch some movies, read a book, paint etc. whatever makes your soul happy and flow again)

These 5 tips is something I do when I know I need to let go of something and come back to alignment myself and in all honesty, this tremendously helps! It makes me look at the situation again, realize different solutions and understand that my problem isn't that big after all. I just needed a day to release trapped emotions that were building up, let go of expectations and allow myself to just be me. Watch my video below as I share my tips and also give you guys a few links for a meditations that help in releasing your emotions and coming back to yourself.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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