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Allow Yourself to Rest | Part of the Creation Process

"If you are tired, learn to rest, NOT TO QUIT." - Banksy

STOP DOING SO MUCH, and really start to come to an understanding that sometimes the DO DO DO DO part is truly hurting you. I was chatting with a friend recently about how he CONSTANTLY has to be writing (something that is his huge passion and has a calling for) something and if he isn't writing or coming up with ideas, he gets super frustrated or irritated. I can understand this however I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS. I can understand how when something is your passion; your calling, you want to be able to create all the time because it naturally comes super easily to you. But there are times it just doesn't. AND THAT'S OKAY !!

We are SO conditioned to "hustle" to just DO, DO, DO. And if we aren't doing, we just aren't good enough, worthy enough or simply not making it. WHICH IS A BUNCH OF BS!! << I made a post recently about this how the hustle; the grind and the constant rat race is connected to the feelings of unworthiness, which you can check out here >> We must come to an understanding that the rest part is PART of the creation process. Without REST, CREATION WOULDN'T EXIST! Rest allows you to let go of what you finished making or are in the process of making, to give yourself time to allow others to receive a beautiful gift (what you made) and also to simply allow yourself to re-align; to breathe, to get re-inspired to create something else.

REST IS OKAY!!! REST IS NEEDED!! WE CAN BASK IN OURSELVES, AND FULLY JUST ENJOY THE REST PART AS WELL!! I completely understand that most people won't agree with this because again MOST of society has conditioned us to think and act otherwise. If you aren't doing SOMETHING, you are just not building a good future, and you justify as a lazy person (ugh... how untrue!!) At first when you realize and you allow to give yourself rest, it WILL feel strange but ALLOW IT TO BE WHATEVER IT WILL BE TO YOU. Over time, you will become more accustomed to it and eventually start looking forward to that natural balance between recovery and creation.

Always look to nature, nature does this all the time. It never rushes, it never pushes. It creates and then it rests. Think of spring, when beautiful flowers start to grow and closer to autumn and winter, everything disappears and it is rest time. It's a beautiful thing and it definitely is part of the process. << if you are having issues about giving yourself rest and recovery. You most likely have a deeply rooted trauma in yourself about how you aren't good enough/worthy enough unless you keep producing something. This part of you needs to heal. This a part of our subconscious mind that was trained to think, believe and act this way. Click here to uncover what some of the root causes of your traumas are & let's re-design your life to accept yourself & your recovery process >> Watch my video below, if you are more of a visual person. I go into details about allow yourself to rest and recover and how most of the times, this will allow you to create even better things if you give yourself time to rest.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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