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Are We All Worthy Enough? | Getting Past Your Blockages

"I'm not lucky. I deserved it." - Unknown.

HEELLLOO FOLKS! so today's topic of discussion is: Are we all worthy enough? Do we all deserve to have a good life? Most of you, without thinking will automatically say YES! OF COURSE! and clearly, you are correct! WE REALLY ARE ALL WORTHY OF ANYTHING & EVERYTHING WE WANT (I can feel some people thinking: "Well.. that was anticlimactic. LOL) But if you are some of these rare individuals who thought: "Nah... we don't all deserve everything we want." Then please schedule a discovery call with me because you got some serious negative self sabotaging thinking going on. And honestly, I am curious as to how your life is going with this kind of thought process! When you truly get in tune with who you are and who we all are, you will start understanding that everything is possible, YOU ARE POSSIBLE, YOUR DREAMS ARE POSSIBLE! It's all either happening for you or against you BUT YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS MAKING ONE OF THOSE INTO SOMETHING REAL!

Anyhow, back on topic. I bring this topic up because most people think they don't deserve a good life, money, career, relationship etc. and they create this belief based on how their life is going. This idea also was created when people started saying and throwing these phrases out in the universe like: "Only the lucky few get by." "We can't all have nice and beautiful things." "I can't have everything I want." Erm..... YES ! YES YOU CAN! that right there are self sabotaging thoughts, and who taught that to you boo ? We live in almighty abundant universe, here to deliver whatever it is you want but it doesn't come to you when your beliefs are out of wack or when you hold up resistance to it.

STORY TIME: So I have these two wonderful friends, who don't know each other but I have known them both for over a year and have learned both of their stories. It is the perfect contrast as to those who think they are deserving and those who just don't. So my one friend, Elena (I have changed names so that they can keep their privacy) has a bachelors degree, is quite motivated to work in her field with the desired pay she believes she deserves and experience this world. Thing is for over a few years since she graduated, she has worked in places that were not paying her much, not respecting her and in general over working her. Clearly, this isn't something she enjoys and wants to get out of. She so desperately wants to have a job that pays her more since she does believe she deserves it (because she believes in her bachelors degree A LOT) but she clearly has a lack mentality when it comes to money. She ALSO isn't a very positive person, she always complains, always nags, always sees the worst in people and in general she doesn't trust much. Now, not to blame this on her and label her as a "bad" person because SHE'S NOT! She just has some VERY limiting beliefs that are deeply ingrained in her, (again not to say she can't change them, she can but she would definitely benefit from help to start getting her energy and beliefs in the right direction). Because of this negative state that she is in, and only sees bad things around her; that is exactly how her reality is molded in her life. She DOESN'T NEED to live this way but she constantly chooses to pick those beliefs over something more positive. Now my other friend Anna who doesn't have a bachelor's degree, generally has amazing and positive thoughts, is LIVING THE LIFE RIGHT NOW!!! In one year, she went from earning 20K to just under 100K, living in a condo by the water (that she always dreamt of), working at her dream job, going to fancy restaurants and travelling very frequently! AAAMMAAAAZING!!!! So what is the difference: Anna put up 0 resistance and didn't think or believe that she couldn't make it in life because she doesn't have a degree nor does she think negatively towards herself and other people. This is want Anna would do: - She would want something - She claimed it - She believed in it - She knew she was deserving of it - She felt like she already had it - She was happy even when didn't have those things. Boom! There it is guys, she also believes that people are deserving and worthy of everything and anything that they want, she never gossips or talks about people. She just enjoys her life and wants others to enjoy it as well. Her vibes and energy is just different, there's more flow to it. Which again, doesn't mean that Elena can't have those things, she totally can! But she needs to go through her thoughts and beliefs in order to start living how she truly wants to be living her life. She needs to stop self sabotaging herself! See the difference is, if you think people deserve any amazing life and are worthy of anything and everything, means that you are happy and you are living an amazing life. You generated that belief because YOU WANT IT FOR OTHERS AS WELL!! BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD !! AND WE USUALLY WANT OTHERS TO FEEL THE SAME TOO!! But if you believe, nah, only a lucky few get by, we don't deserve everything that we want or you get jealous of people like Anna then you need to look at YOUR life and see what's in it. These people are usually the ones who aren't living their kick ass life, are the ones who make themselves the victims and complain to everyone. And the ironic thing with that is, the more you do that, the more you attract that kind of life style and experiences to yourself. IF YOU WANT A LIFE LIKE ANNA'S, YOU CAN HAVE IT! It CAN be yours but you need to start believing it! This was a longer post, so if you didn't get the chance to read or want to know more details about this, then watch my video down below ! :)

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Lots of love, Alexandra


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