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Be Conscious Of Your Words | Self Empowerment

"The words you speak will become your reality." - Joel Osteen


I am sure many of you may have heard that certain tribes around the world don't have the words we use so commonly use, thus allowing them not to use excuses or place limits on themselves.

we on the other hand, we have been taught differently. It's not our fault but the way we were taught to use our language, easily puts so many limitations on ourselves thus thinking that we are trapped. When truly, we just trapped ourselves. BUT there is a way to UNDO the trap that you currently live in. It is simply becoming conscious and aware of the words you decide to use when talking to others and even to yourself in your own head.


  • "I don't know"

  • "I should"

  • "I could"

  • "One day"

  • "Maybe"

  • "I'll try

Using those words is then super easy to always be avoiding something you want to do or just giving yourself excuses why you aren't where you want to be!

It's easy to say to someone or yourself:

  • "I will try to be there to tonight but I don't know."

  • "I should really do that but.."

  • "I could do that but.."

  • "Yeah, one day I will do that..."

etc. Instead start being HONEST with yourself and others! These cop out words are there to hide what REALLY is going down deep within yourself. Mostly we do that so that we don't have to confront our limitations but instead re-enforce them. Think to yourself, do you really want to keep placing all kinds of limitations that keep you stuck and not going to a destination that is calling you? BE HONEST and use these words instead:

  • "I know" OR "I am not sure but I want to learn."

  • "I want to do that."

  • "I can do that."

  • "YES I will be there." OR "No, I cannot be there tonight."

  • "I will do that."

We have to become so honest with ourselves and not be scared of hurting someone's feelings or even our own. When we use those statements stated above, then we start becoming empowered, realizing how much power we all in fact have and how much we can do and learn but it is simply communicating to our minds differently. Remember whatever you say to your mind, YOUR MIND ACCEPTS IT AS THE TRUTH. You are its commander, you are the CEO so START acting like it and start saying MORE EMPOWERING things. Watch my video to understand more as I explain how this works and how you must start adopting this in your own life.

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- Lots of love, Alexandra


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