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Become The Greatest Actor Of Your Life | Design Your Life

"We are always acting out some role in life. Why not select the role of a successful person and rehearse it?" - William Marston

YOUR STORY is one you have developed over time, over the course of your life and through your vast wild experiences. With all of that in mind, experiences, places, people and events you have made yourself to believe you are this "character" who has been through a lot of things resulting in different personality traits or how you may view the world.

All of that is false. * dum dum dum*


No, not your life experiences and events, all of that is real but who you believe yourself to be is false. ;) Now, let me explain. All of us, all the time are creating our world in real time based on like I have mentioned before, on life experiences and this will make us believe the following depending on what you went through: "I'm not good enough." "I just can't seem to date the right person." "I won't ever be good at that." "People are hard to trust." "I am just the one who is different from all the rest." "No one gets me." "Life isn't fair to me, EVER." and the list goes on. Again depending on what you were taught and the different experiences you went through. A person who is generally successful will have a different outlook on life thus creating a different perspective: "I AM good enough" "I always succeed" "I always do my best and learn my best." "I always find amazing people to be around with." "My relationship is amazing." "I LOVE life." and I know to most people , those kinds of words and thoughts would end up triggering a lot of you as whatever we believe and think that is the opposite trigger us. Truth is the negative narrative going on in your head, and accepting yourself to be the person you are is the FALSE version of you.


When you start to think of life as this great master piece, you are the main actor/actress in your life, you can start to apply different aspects in your life. You can literally make up your mind one day and say: "I am done. I am done being this person. This character/personality has brought me nothing but misery. I have made excuses, I have made a lot of different stories as to why this hasn't worked out for me but truth is, it's because I accepted me to be this person; I accepted me to be this version of myself and frankly, I am done." And just like that, your whole reality can change. You stop playing the old story of "oh woes me" and start playing a different script, as script that says "I won't stop at nothing until I am living the life I am meant to live." It's all in YOUR HANDS. IT'S ALL YOUR CHOICE. I get my clients to see the old same useless script they have been playing for YEARS that has been keeping them stuck and into the role of a victim and then I get them to write a new script. I tell them "who would you be if you were living the life you wanted to?" That question gets them out of the old script and gets them playing with the idea of "who would I be? What would I be doing? What would my habits and beliefs be?" and I get them to write their new script; a more empowering script for their character. Once they get all of it out and get super detailed about it, I tell them to look over their 2 scripts and now decide. WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE??


This old version of you with this old story or step into this new story, the new story of you! Mind you, I know it will feel uncomfortable because accepting a new narrative for the life you want can feel intimating but it's because you have been stuck in this old movie, with this old script, that it will feel uncomfortable leaving all that behind, but it's completely necessary if you want something else. If you want to live again. So you pick up your new script, you see yourself living this new life and now you actually start to do what this new character would start to do. EVERYTHING, change the way you look, the way you talk, walk, breath etc. It's about re birthing into the new you. Seeing your life as a movie and that you are playing as some character makes what you went through less serious (not saying it wasn't but it gives you an opportunity to leave that behind you, to leave it behind with a version of yourself you no longer choose to be), it makes it more fun to create a new life and a new you. It gives you the freedom to create something new. Watch my video below as I go into this idea with a lot more details and how you can begin to start changing your character.

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