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Change is a Process | Stop Being SO Hard on Yourself

"Change, like healing, takes time."

Change is honestly a process. It is a continuous process and something you just can't jump start immediately and see results, so WHY do we give up so easily when we don't see the results we want? Well first of all, we are conditioned this way. We live in a time now that if your phone, TV, relationships breaks/ends, we literally can replace anything and everything so quickly without a thought about it. We have become so conditioned that if it doesn't get fixed asap then we give up and we stop doing what needs to be done in order to fix or work on something. We treat self improvement the same way! I see so many people who truly do want to change; who want to change something about themselves or a certain situation but they literally try for a week or month and they don't see the results that they want, then BAM! They give up. Self improvement/awareness is a process. You don't get to see all the results that you desire because you are conditioning your brain to a new state of being, to a whole new set of beliefs and a whole NEW lifestyle !

& guess what?

Our brain HATES CHANGE!!! It's specifically designed to resist change since it thinks whatever you learned previously was to keep you safe from DANGER lol - then you may ask:

"Well what if those things I learned is what is causing harm?" Well, your brain doesn't know the difference - it just knows what you repeated OVER and OVER again until it became a habit and now it is just apart of your personality. This again doesn't mean you are doomed but if you seriously want a change, you must work at it EVERY SINGLE DAY. You must condition your brain and convince it that this new habit or belief is a GOOD thing and something that will benefit you! If you keep at it, you will see the results you want in a short period of time (not a week or month but possibly even 6 months to a year which is short considering how long you have lived the way you lived before with a different mindset!) I say more about this in my video below! Just always keep doing you - since you are a work of art and you are so so so WORTHY to work on and make yourself into a wonderful master piece.

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xox - Alexandra


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