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Communication With Those With Different Beliefs | Spirituality

"When we accept ourselves for what we are, we decrease our hunger for power or the acceptance of others because our self-intimacy reinforces our inner sense of security." - Brennan Manning

As we continue to increase our consciousness and inner belief systems that are much different than most of the society we live in, we encounter folks who think completely differently than us, often time making us feel like complete outsiders.

Evolving and setting way to a better way of living your life, truly does feel like a lonely journey as we start to see so many of the people that we know aren't on the same path and think completely differently than us, often time making it super hard to connect with them in the same old ways we use to.

I get it and I have been there where everyone around me felt like they are zombies just eating everything off from the media and most of society. Self discovery and development does feel like the strange, lonely but truly empowering journey. Often time when people continue on this journey, they start to wonder how in the world am I suppose to communicate with these folks that I need to interact with daily??

Some people will start to argue with those who think differently, they will start to view others are people who are lower than themselves or they even will go about closing those people off from them entirely. The last one isn't bad but it can make you feel like a lonely hamster in this huge vast world leading you to want to escape to a place where you can be surrounded by like minds. Now, I have been in this place and I started to realize that I cannot just close other people off from me entirely just because we think completely differently. Plus that is impossible to interact with people just who think like you.

So what to do? How to effectively communicate with those people around you ? How to start seeing everyone as equal instead of you only being the "awakened" one?

Well, first thing is first. You truly must accept people for WHO THEY ARE and WHERE THEY ARE IN THEIR OWN JOURNEYS (even if they never "wake" up or "get there") It is not your responsibility to wake them up or completely shun those who won't think/believe like you do.

"Not everyone thinks the way you think, knows the things you know, believes the things you believe, nor acts the way you act. Remember this and you will go a long way getting along with people." - Arthur Forman

Your job is to simply stay empowered where you are and what you are learning in YOUR journey while accepting those for who they are and what they came to learn on this planet.

Be the example that you came here to be, keep believing in whatever empowers you and makes your life better. Show other people how wonderful it is walking on that path and you will end up being an inspiration for those who are curious and light a light within them.

It's not about fighting others about their limiting beliefs or seeing them as low individuals, that is quite the opposite from a person who wants to walk this journey should be doing. So when you do encounter a person who is triggering you or making you feel like what you are doing/believing in is just plain silly, just give them the space to be themselves and believe in whatever they like.

"Be the light that helps others see." - unknown

Their opinion shouldn't trip you up that easily. Smile, accept and just agree to what they want to believe in. Giving them that space will actually encourage them to start to think for themselves and ponder just how strong you are in your light while accepting them for them.

It truly is THAT simple and doesn't need a lengthly explanation on how to chat with those who think/believe differently than you. I chat with those kind of folks everyday and sometimes they are such interesting and fun conversations even if we aren't exactly "like minded", and at times I do run into those on a similar journey and still get a good kick out of it.

This is what you came here to do, YOU the person reading this post. You are the light in this world shining bright inspiring others to do the same, all while allowing folks the space to figure all this hard stuff out (you can probably admit that shifting from one world view to another and questioning everything you once knew.)

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Remember people fight for their safety at the end of the day and sometimes safety is believing in something that disempowers them. Give them the room to figure that out without judgement.

lots of love,

- Alexandra


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