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Comparison is the Ultimate Killer | Everyone is a Star

"Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself." - Bill Gates

COMPARISON is something we should use to INSPIRE one another to succeed. Except most of us use it to pour a fire over our dreams because we think we won't make it. It's sad because we are so quick to say that when we don't even realize how long it took those certain people who in our minds "made" it to build whatever it was they were building. We are taught from an early age (again, I believe this started in school) that we need to compete with one another to make it to the top and those who don't are loser and therefore should just give up. What a useless and self sabotaging belief!!!

We should of been taught that EVERYONE can absolutely make it, it doesn't necessarily have to be in ONE topic but anything and everything! There are a million things to choose from and for you to be a GREAT at it! A lot of people will look at someones business, peoples looks and lives and just think: "What's the point? Clearly, they are making it and there is 0 room for me. I am just not good enough. Meh" This ONLY ALLOWS your self doubt to GROW and blossom which will cause you to ultimately fail at anything you do or anything you are trying to create because you are coming out of an energy that you aren't good enough which is just going to prove yourself right. We must realize that EVERYONE can SHINE, EVERYONE CAN BE A STAR AND THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE TO SHINE !

People who succeeded should just be an inspiration to YOU that you INDEED CAN MAKE IT and that people love that certain company because of whatever they are able to create; i.e. VALUE!

We all have different stories of how we made it, of how we did certain things and they are ALL so unique and completely our own, to our own story line. No one absolutely starts off one day and the next they are making it happen (and if they do it is in their belief system and trust me they have been practicing that kind of state for a LONG TIME) So start believing in yourself, start realizing you are a star and you are absolutely allowed to SHINE!

Keep going forth, don't give up, don’t compare, don’t judge, don’t allow other people’s successes to diminish your own!

Allow it to be an inspiration, allow it to be proof that you in fact can make it happen! You can succeed! Watch my video below for the auditory version of this plus my videos from my blog always differ to what I have to say. They are uniquely their own.

Comment and let me know what you are working on so that you can shine bright in this universe!

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lot of love, - Alexandra


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