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Cry Your Heart Out Sweetheart | Release Stored Energy

"When a girl cries, it's not usually over one thing. It's built up anger and emotions that she's been holding in for too long."


Now, before we get all triggered and think that I may be promoting a way to self sabotage yourself or just drown in the feelings of sadness.... NO! I AM NOT. But I surely am not the girl who will tell you not to release your emotions because of how the outdated world will perceive you as weak. Bleh.

You are not weak because you feel; because you have an emotional response to something. I REPEAT, THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU WEAK!! Now, I use to be a girl who would tell another and even myself: "Don't cry, just don't cry. You ALWAYS cry whenever something happens. Just stop it. You are so goddamn sensitive. Grow up!." But the thing is, I adopted these words from other people. Because I wore my heart on my sleeve and showed people how I was truly feeling, I was judged for it in the wrong way. I was told that I was too sensitive, too emotional, to harden up or other people will walk all over me.

BUT LET ME TELL YOU HOW FALSE AND ABSOLUTELY DAMAGING THIS IS TO TELL SOMEONE - ANYONE (even when you are a guy who has the feels, feel it dude. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it and let it out!) I had so much pent up emotions, so much pent up energy (REMEMBER HOW I ALWAYS SAY THAT EVERYTHING IS ENERGY? Well.. yeah, EMOTIONS ARE SIMPLY ENERGY!) that it caused me to have a stroke (Long story and will save for another time). I was creating so much energy and my body had no idea what the hell to do with it, that it eventually gave it up when I was having an anxiety attack. Boom * the sharpest pain in my head and I knew something went wrong. Thankfully, I did not have any side effects due to my stroke but BOY was it a learning lesson for me. Immediately I knew that my body responded to my stored energy and it just couldn't take it anymore. This was the day I told myself: "Never again. Never will I hide my true emotions ever again."

And I haven't. It has been a huge lesson for me; one I truly needed to learn and now, here I am giving you guys this lesson as I would hate for that pent up energy to have a physical effect on you (because this is what always happens when we don't release it) I want you all to realize, that there is absolutely NO SHAME in releasing your sadness, in crying even if you have to lock yourself in your room, play some sad tunes and cry it out. Just cry it out.

You aren't weak, lonely, worthless or not good enough because you feel this way. You simply have a response to something, that energy moved through your body and now your body is talking to you saying: "Hey... so we like feel this energy. It's quite a low vibration and we definitely don't want it stored in this temple of a body. Can we just release it. ?" And that is when you MUST honor what your body is asking of you. Release that emotion because we ALWAYS feel even 5-10% better after we have cried. We have released that emotion and now we can move on to better feelings. The better feeling emotions don't happen right away but you do in fact make space for them to come to you sooner after you released a lower feeling emotion.

Always make space for the good emotions and just know that they WILL come, they ALWAYS come but you must first make space for them to feel them. It is like having a cluttered home with old things and you have literally 0 room to put in newer things in there. Make room for them and feel 0 shame when you do release those sad emotions. You aren't different or weak, you are simply feeling a sort of way and allow it to be. Watch my video below as I explain more on this and how you can move from a lower emotion to a higher feeling one.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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