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Distractions Are Made To Throw You Off Your Course | Become Invincible

"An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production." - Robin S. Sharma

We live in a world of DISTRACTIONS, honestly I am sure that there will be no one on this planet that wouldn't agree with that.

The thing with distractions is that is truly keeps us from doing the things that are beneficial for us and keeps us hooked onto the "drugs" that we commonly accept as being normal. By this I mean, TV, video games, food, unnecessary thoughts, useless knowledge that schools stuff down our throat, other people even and the list goes on. I know some of this, some people will be shocked and say that it definitely isn't a distraction and that some of those things are good for us.

Okay sure, I can give you that that some things in moderation are definitely good and okay for us but we are literally like zombies when we start getting addicted to those distractions and it takes over our life, where we see our life year after year just wasting away in the same position and never moving forward.

We are trained and wired for distraction.

I got a download for this as I was meditating and raising my frequency to the one that I want to be at. I found myself at times in pure bliss of being in that state and being able to hold onto it and then at times, I found my mind getting super distracted and starting to think about truly UNNECESSARY things. At that point, I would force myself to start over and return to that blissful state I want to hold my frequency at. You wouldn't believe how tiring this got for me, the constant back and forth and then it just clicked how our minds are wired for distraction. There was never a person in our lives that taught us to stay still and go within. (I literally woke up within the Matrix) So you can begin to understand that we are taught to be distracted, to constantly think about useless things or even talk about useless information (hello small talk)

"Stop getting distracted by things and people that have nothing to do with your goals." - unknown

Which is why for most of us meditation is quite challenging or any kind of sit down, do nothing/go within for us is challenging BUT IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY IN ORDER TO CREATE A LIFE YOU TRULY WANT.

Being distracted and unfocused is easy, being in a mediocre relationship, career and life is just as easy. It is stepping out of that comfort zone and making your mind/body work towards something you want to create is the hard part. But it suppose to be hard, it is suppose to be challenging as we have stayed in one energy bubble for so long that getting into another one is a bit harder. Our minds and bodies have to learn a completely different language in a way and how easy is learning a new language for you now?

Probably just as hard.

So don't be hard on yourself, but do realize that we are wired and trained to be distracted and in order to create a life you truly want, you will have to untrain yourself from these useless distractions. Take baby steps in knowing what are some of the biggest energy wasters in your life right now.

Could it be the TV?

Maybe too much time on video games?

Gossip? Negative thinking?

"Usually when the distractions of daily life deplete our energy, the first thing we eliminate is the thing we need the most: quiet time to contemplate what's working and what's not, so that we can make changes for the better." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Find your biggest distraction and tell yourself from now on, I will not choose this anymore. Literally get rid of that thing/item or person and choose something better. Learn yoga, learn how to meditate, learn how to keep your attention on one thing and from then you will start building something better for yourself, and start training your focus muscle so that it can get stronger.

Choose things that you actually want to do and get better at.

Maybe you haven't painted, played an instrument for a while now. Pick it up and learn how to use it. Get yourself doing the things that make you spending your time on them fun.

It will be worth your while and you won't even miss the distractions you use to engage yourself with. The world is full of distractions, remember that and everything is trying to grab your attention in order to stop you from creating a life you want to live.

Do you want to do that to yourself?

I doubt it.

"If you want to live out your BIG dreams then you will have to make a choice to stay focused on purpose." - Unknown

So take your power back and learn how to focus on something, be still and go inside yourself to find your bliss. I know this can be tricky as our minds love to get distracted but focus on something long enough and you will gain your power back and creating your ideal life will get that much easier.

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