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Don't Rain On Other People's Parade | Spiritual Awakening

Lately I have been seeing some things that people continue to do and that is literally tearing people down because they are finding their own happiness!!

People out there gotta STOP doing this !

I get that it can trigger a lot of folks when you are leading a miserable life and you are seeing others out there winning and living their life to the fullest. I get that, trust me. I have been in that position before too.


It is not easy to be going through hell while you are seeing others around you having the best life ever. It sucks as hell to feel that way and experience whatever you are experiencing, it makes you feel so lonely and like life just isn't being fair to you right now. I get it ! But the more you start doing this work, you truly do start to understand how much we create the reality we are experiencing (good and bad) and to those going through awful things that can sound so triggering and again, I GET THAT ! But do we want to continue living in the victim mentality or that we own whatever we are going through because once we can OWN it, we can CHANGE it ! It truly doesn't have to continue being a miserable life for you, you can choose and experience the opposite, but I first want those people to understand how is your misery going to help the other people who are choosing to experience an amazing life?

How is putting them down going to help you and the world? Truly imagine, you are successful and bring all the people down who are choosing to be happy and living a fulfilled life, so you accomplish that and this world is now filled with miserable, sad and angry people.



We would have a world filled with just sad people who don' trust one another, who destroy the world and people around them because that is their only way of getting a hit of dopamine that quickly goes away and back to misery they go. This would be a horrible world to live in and be in. Is that what you want to create by trying to bring others down?!? Truly think about that. On the other hand, how do you know that persons life who is now living a positive, happy and fulfilled life? Do you truly know that person and what they have been through? Maybe that individual was living that same miserable, awful life that they were deeply depressed by and somehow they managed to get out of their hole, crawl out and see the light. How do you know that the only thing right now that is bringing them joy is the fact that they are staying positive, being happy and grateful and as a side effect of THAT, that is bringing them more opportunities and things to be joyful about?! & some folks want to take that away from those people?? That is just pure selfishness trying to bring people down because they are happy and you are not. How about getting on those peoples level? How about trying this whole positive thing out yourself and seeing how it works for you? Now is not a time to continue at the level we have been playing at. It is now a time to RAISE UP, take Responsibility for our lives and our actions and decide differently.


I truly believe we can all live in a world that everyone is thriving, everyone is happy and every single one of us is living as ONE.

The question is: DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT?

If you do, you will absolutely help in creating that and if not, you will continue to tear happy people down. & for that shame on you for staying at that level and NOT raising above it. We all are here sharing this planet, living this life and we all have the same fate, leaving this physical plane to go into a different dimension.

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Let's all play fairly and wisely and happily.

Lots of love



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