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Don't Allow Your Ego to Skip Stones | Soul Progression

"The challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our souls growth." - Marianne Williamson


will keep you stuck in a certain phase in your life, constantly repeating lessons you HAVE TO GO THROUGH! During our schooling years, most of us have the thought: "Gosh, I cannot wait until I am done studying all these things and finally graduate so that I can just start living and applying everything I have learned." I get that but in a way when you are in such a rush to learn something and "get it done", are you sure you are truly doing the right thing? Learning and studying should be a joy because you truly LOVE what you are DOING.

ANYHOW - Most of us have that thought and once we are done learning or going through a schooling stage we have a hard time accepting that in fact, yes you do need to continue learning certain things in different areas in your life, in order to progress. We cannot think we are done learning lessons EVER - this comes from the ego - life is a life long journey about learning different things, sometimes re-learning the same lessons over and over again. That kind of thought mentality literally stops your momentum and it's like as if all the gods hear you say that, baffled by it and say: "Well alright, if that is what he/she thinks, let's have some fun here and keep sending the SAME lessons over and over again until something FINALLY clicks" You have to get to the point of accepting that once you are done school or the "learning period" in your life, that quite in fact, you NEVER stop learning. In my opinion, life after the traditional educational period is over that is when the REAL schooling starts.

It's the art of learning how to become the very BEST version of yourself; i.e - Mastering your thoughts. - Being a better listener and communicator. - Being present - Accepting misfortunes and NOT looking at them as "failures"

- Re-learning some things over and over again. - Being conscious and aware of your every word, thought, action and decisions. - Learning patience. - Never stopping to invest in yourself. - Being your own source of happiness and joy. and the list goes on but those are a few things that I even know I had to learn after my educational period and in fact, I am still learning them. I am mastering them, each day, each lesson, each hardship. Always. And even with some of these points, I still know that some people will think and say: "oh i have learned enough, there is absolutely nothing else for me to learn." Which then they get super angry when other lessons come up in their life, not wanting to learn those things over again or let alone think about them. Don't allow your ego to skip the necessary learning mile stones.

They are there for you to learn certain things so that you continue your progression and get better in different areas in your life.

There will be always something to learn and something to master. This is when you realize, that no one absolutely knows everything and has learned everything because there is an infinite things to learn about. Take one mile stone as a time, appreciating it, learning from it and then moving onto the next one ever so humbly. Be proud that life is a never ending school of mastering yourself, your mind and your life. Do it for you, do it for the people in your life and do it to make your future self proud. Watch my video below as I explain how our ego likes to get in the way of our learning and how we can slide it over to continue learning the things that life throws at us.

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lots of love, - Alexandra


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IF you have been wanting a better relationship, career, lifestyle etc..

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