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Drop Importance to Achieve Your Goals Faster | Higher Consciousness

"In your neediness you repel, in your wholeness you attract." - Abraham Hicks

We all want things.

We all want the fancy cars, nice homes, attractive and supportive partner and a thriving career. We want so much, yet get so little which makes us feel like we aren't good enough, we aren't deserving and that only the "lucky" ones get it.

Which isn't true, just one point of view or perspective that you have on this show called life. ;)

See, most of us when we want these fancy, awesome and luxurious things put so much importance on it which ends up putting so much pressure on ourselves to make sure we go ahead and achieve. The importance of looking and acting like the part to prove to society that: "Hey, I made it."

& that is all fine and dandy but the problem with putting so much importance over achieving your goals is that most of the time, you do not get them or once you finally DO get there, you are so over exhausted to fully enjoy the thing. Rather you end up hating it for how much turmoil and stressed it has cost you.

So either way, its a lose-lose scenario.

Yet, the people who you call the lucky ones, the ones who easily lift their finger and say: "ta-da" & get those things that you so desperately want, without much effort and discomfort. And they actually seem quite happy to have those things, people and experiences in their lives, they are the exact people who DO NOT put importance over the things they have in their lives.

"When trying to solve a problem. Follow one golden rule. Before you even start considering where the solution might lie. First reduce the level of importance you associate with the problem." - Vadim Zeland

Why? because it doesn't define who they are. It's not the key factor in what makes their life awesome because they can understand the only important thing is the key factor of who they are at their core.

That is the level you want to reach at, where no one, no thing owns you and your happiness. That is when you don't care whether you get the fancy car or attractive partner or not because hey, at the end of the day you got yourself. I know that maybe a lot of people don't want to hear that but that is the truth that a lot of us need to wake up to. To wake up to the fact that our souls core essence should be the most important thing and how we are showing up in this planet. When we reach that level of not really caring about "having everything" is when we can finally have all the things that we want. If you understand at a metaphysical level, you would understand that we are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational reality.

"Reducing our desires and eliminating false neediness is the answer to resolving the nagging inner discomfort that we feel." - Angelina Love

Meaning everything you experience, all your thoughts, words and actions hold some sort of vibrational frequency sending out signals out into the universe. When we put a lot of importance on achieving a certain goal or outcome, we become needy and with the needy energy we actually tend to repel the exact thing we want away from us. Think about a time where you may have dated (or maybe may have been this kind of a partner) a needy boyfriend or girlfriend, how did that make you feel? you wanted to get away from them as soon as possible because that kind of energy just drags you down all the time.

Well its the same thing with your goals and desires, the moment we put a high level of importance of getting it, it absolutely disappears from us or it makes it that much harder to achieve it, but the moment we let go of the outcome and the importance of achieving it, we actually allow it into our space quite easily or we make room for something that is MUCH better than what we could of expected. Think about a time where you didn't care to have something or to achieve something but you thought: "Hey, wouldn't it be nice if this happened." How many of you can say without putting that much weight on the end goal, that it actually came to you quite easily and quickly? I bet you can think of some times - I know I have. So the key take away here is, drop the importance of having and you will have a lot more than you can ever expect. You can have all the things and experiences you want but don't make it your soul mission to having it complete you or mean something to you because you will end up making it a mission impossible.

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