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Every UP-LEVEL WILL Cause Turbulence | Proceed With Caution

“The moment you decide to no longer think the same way, act the same way or live by the same emotions, it’s going to feel uncomfortable. And the moment you feel uncomfortable, you just stepped into the river of change.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

EVERY UP-LEVEL In our lives will cause a bit or a ton of turbulence. Now, some of you who are new to personal development may ask yourselves: "What is an up-level?" Basically, we are in this game called "life" (which we take so seriously) and when we seriously change things around in our lives and progress; and move closer to the things we want and visualize, that is basically an UP-LEVEL. CONGRATS, you made it from one level to the next. A level closer to your desired outcome.

All joking aside, this is really what an up-level is and the things it can cause between every up-level is something I don't believe a lot of people are aware of. When we get use to how things are going in our lives, we feel this sense of comfort and not too much willingness to change things, even when we want to. See most people actually stay in their current level of life because they are comfortable, programmed to stay there through our subconscious mind or feel so uneasy about taking the next move; so they just end up saying: "Okay, cool, this is my life. OH WELL."

And the whole point is that whenever you are taking the level higher closer to your desired outcome, IT NEVER FEELS COMFY!!! It's not suppose to. See our minds can envision a whole lot and does so on a daily basis. You can envision your life and the things you want but in order to get those things you must change the person that you currently are. Meaning, if you want to own a business or become a singer and you are currently not, you must start thinking, behaving, talking, walking, becoming this version of yourself that already has those things, which is super uncomfortable for our bodies. Our bodies LIVE IN THE PAST (If you aren't sure what that means, then do some research and see how science talks about this. Great resources and interviews from Dr. Joe Dispenza, which I HIGHLY recommend) so it actually takes some time for our bodies to catch up to this new level of thinking and behaving. Haven't you ever noticed when you start a new habit, it's SUPER hard for you to DO and it's almost like you constantly have to convince yourself to do it and why you are doing it to being with.

Well that is because our bodies and mind don't like change and constantly want to keep us where we are because the "unknown" to us is dangerous. Crazy, I know! But that's literally what ends up happening and most people then think: "I am just not good enough for this." or whatever lame excuse you may give to yourself; then they give up never truly trying to pursue they're desired result. See... having what you want and living your dream life is TOTALLY possible but it does take some time and work in order to achieve that (which is exactly why many, many, MANY coaches say to get a life coach in order to help you go through those weird and awkward stages of growth so that you can achieve whatever it is you want. It's like going to the gym, when you only go once or twice a week for a month, it doesn't actually stick and you don't see the results but when you invest in yourself, invest in a coach you are forced to up-level in so many areas of your life, thus creating permanent change. To Inquire, Click here) and you NEED to be working on that state of being every day so that one day your body FINALLY catches up with that reality and it all feels completely normal to you. To understand more and how you can start doing this, creating your ideal life. Watch my video below.

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