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Give Yourself Permission To Celebrate Yourself | Self Love Tips

"In this life, if you don't celebrate yourself, nobody will." - Kevin Smith

Self love, loving on yourself, celebrating yourself silly, none of these are new concepts. In fact these terms along with the new age movement have really taken over and it's so common to see #LOVEYOSELF plastered everywhere. Love it and totally here for it but again not many of us truly practice this or know how to practice this. Most of us were born into a family and/or society where we have a skewed idea of self love and what it truly looks like.

We were criticized, told to be "more perfect", made fun of and the list goes on. None of those things are a good foundation for giving yourself the permission to love on yourself. It gives us the blueprint to continuously think we must DO MORE, BE MORE and HAVE MORE in order to deserve love and what kind of BS is that ?!?

"Don't criticize yourself for getting lost. Celebrate yourself for having the courage to keep finding your way." - JF

Well, I'm not buying it any longer and in fact, I am giving that crap back to wherever it came from, because we must realize that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH AS YOU ARE TO BE LOVED AND CELEBRATED and that it's absolutely necessary to make it a habit, but most of us are in the habit of criticizing yourself, belittling yourself and just making yourself feel awful. I am sure most of you want that change for the better as you are here looking for the information in this post and I am definitely going to give it to you but first I want you to realize this simple and yet profound truth that because of your upbringing you have made it a habit to hate on yourself, it is the only thing you know how to do. So this isn't your fault and the beauty in realizing that this is only a habit MEANS that there isn't anything wrong with you AT ALL!!

You just weren't shown how to love yourself.

"My whole teaching is list; love yourself, accept yourself and celebrate yourself." - Osho

& that is OK but you are about to find how you can make it a habit to love yourself. What I get many of my clients to do is write a list of everything that brings them JOY, HAPPINESS and LOVE. Everyone will have a different list with obviously some similarities but the most important is that these lists are personalized to you. And it will look a little something like:

WHAT BRINGS ME JOY: - Dancing - Painting - Watching Funny Movies etc. WHAT BRINGS ME HAPPINESS: - Watching the sunset - Cuddles with my pet - Dancing - Baking etc. WHAT BRINGS ME LOVE: - Going for walks in the park - Chatting with my good friend - Hair Masks and Face Masks - Massages Etc. You get the point, you write as many things as you can and the goal now to make it a habit in loving yourself is that you do ONE of those things on your list at least ONCE a day. Yes, this will feel weird in the beginning that you are taking some time out of your day to focus on yourself and make yourself feel good, but overtime this will start turning into a habit.

Once celebrating and loving yourself turns into a habit, you will start to subconsciously CONTINUOUSLY do things that make you happy and that are an act of self love. You will start catching yourself that the whole day you do things that are just for you to love on yourself and it will completely turn your life around.

"Celebrating yourself has to come from you first. Why wait for someone else to celebrate you." - Sushmita Sen

In fact, most people start to see an increase of abundance in their lives all because they are focusing on making themselves happy and feel loved, and that kind of frequency attributes and resonates with the desires you have in your life, and just like a magnet those things will start appearing. (Don't believe me? You don't have to, just try it out yourself and see what happens ;) )

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This is one of the simplest and easiest techniques of just implementing self love into your life and making yourself a priority because you truly deserve to celebrate yourself. Lots of love & Light your way,

- Alexandra


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