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Go Full Force with Your Plan A | Cancel Plan B

"Ditch plan B & go ALL IN on Plan A. Plan B is a distraction from your DREAMS. When you go ALL IN on Plan A, not only will it happen, IT WILL BE BETTER." - Mastin Kipp

DREAM, PLANS & GOALS whenever this topic comes up, people gather all around you while you explain to them with all the excitement in the world of how you are going to go after this amazing dream and get thrown of course when people say:


"that's amazing BUT YOU HAVE A PLAN B RIGHT???!"


Most of us being taken back by the discouragement and thinking: "I have to have a plan B?!"

Unless of course you are one of the ones who already planned a plan B right after you planned Plan A. Of course this was taught and instilled in you to believe that you had to have a plan B because of all the doubts that come with Plan A....

Thing is when we do this, we have already chosen plan B to be our priority; to become plan A, forgetting about plan A and thinking: "Well one day, when that happens. I will move on from my plan B to plan A." Not realizing that that NEVER happens. See.. successfully people make decisions, they don't ponder and think about all the doubts because they literally don't have time. They have made a decision to go after something and they put all their energy into it. They cannot waste it on doubts and negative beliefs.


Successful people only HAVE and NEED ONE plan & that's ALWAYS their first plan.


When you decide you are letting go of plan B and fully accept that plan A is THE ONLY plan and therefore must work no matter what happens, that is when beautiful things start to happen.

That is when you start seeing outcomes you would of never seen when you had your energy divided between two WAY DIFFERENT life paths. That is the ONLY way to succeed. You have to be brave & bold enough to make a decision, no matter who you may disappoint that had their life vision set out for you and what others say doubting your success, because they only PROJECT THEIR FEARS ONTO YOU!! When you do have limiting beliefs stopping you from going after the life you truly want and deserve to have, that is life asking you to truly go within and do your inner work.

We all have blockages and we all have picked them up from some place. It is important to see them through and start building yourself to the person you truly want to become. I always suggest whenever things really block you from your success, seek out a life coach or mentor to understand why you have these deeply rooted beliefs and issues. Watch my video below as I go into details about making a decision to go full force on Plan A and leaving plan B behind for good.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra xo


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Lots of Love xo

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