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Halt The HUSTLE | Focus On Your Alignment

"Destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding in order to be successful. Embrace the concept that rest, recovery and reflection are essential parts of the progress towards a successful and ultimately happy life."

STOP DOING & EFFORTING!! Just for a moment, I want this to be a reminder to you, to the reader to just STOP DOING, if you are multi-tasking, stop. If you are juggling 200 things at once. Just stop. STOP. We grow up in this world that conditioned us to, DO, DO, DO. You must do things in order to be successful and a good, valuable human being to this society. For goodness sake, stop. We are destroying our energy, our mental health to this program of "If I don't do this or that, then I am just not good enough."

For some of you that are foreign to this idea of stopping what you are doing, the not good enoughness may seem like a shock to you ( or maybe not ) but the truth is, we are conditioned to think if we are not doing enough, if we are not succeeding enough, if we are not accomplishing enough then that MUST mean, WE AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH! (Remember when I have mentioned this in many post on here and including my instagram that we all have this darn belief to some degree that we just aren't good enough? Yup. Here it is again. It always, ALWAYS comes back, "I am not good enough".) But you aren't doomed, you just need to reprogram your brain to start thinking you are good enough. Click here to find out more. So then we get trapped into thinking that I must DO, DO, DO in order to succeed, to look like a worthy human being or to be some kind of asset in this society. But you want to know the truth in all of this? YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AND YOU ARE SO GODDAMN WORTHY.

Of even just simply sitting in your chair not doing anything but reading this. Of taking the time to rest and recover. Of just embracing and truly being in this moment without a certain agenda, without something "itching" in the back of your head that you MUST DO something. You truly don't need to DO anything. You can rest, you can take it easy. First prioritize your alignment, your energy, your mental state. From then when you get inspired to act, then act, but don't ever feel like you NEED to be DOING SOMETHING EVERY SECOND OR MOMENT. You don't.

You will find true happiness in just being. Just allowing the moment to be whatever it is. Right here. Right now. Watch my video below to understand more as I go into depth talking about easing yourself into just being.

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