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How Horses Have Taught Me to Create My Own Reality

"Horses teach you A LOT, very little of it actually has to do with horses." - Anthony Lothian Some of you may ask why? Or how? but my daily practices have been teaching me how to make me a better rider actually – THIS CAN APPLY TO ANYONE WHO HAS A HOBBY OR IS INTO SPORTS !

I never truly realized before that my self-improvement journey is leading me to discover other areas I can improve on and be the best at. If we all agree that everything is energy, so is this 1200 pound animal that I am on, and when he has an issue & doesn’t understand, they look to you to see if maybe you will. That is when ENERGY comes in.

I practice shifting my energy and shifting my reality to make any situation understandable and comfortable for him and to my surprise.. IT WORKS! He starts to mold and become what I envision him to be and its such a miraculous discovery because it FORCES me to always be on my A game, it forces me to focus on the things that I ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE! So Orion, I am thankful for you. You have become a wonderful teacher for me to expand my awareness and realize how much our thoughts create & effect our reality. Watch my video down below, as I explain more so on this and how it actually works, and how you too can apply this to your hobbies or life!

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