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How Not to Allow Your Traumas to Effect Your Future Successes

"Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence." - Peter A. Levine

Let's face it, we ALL have some sort of trauma that we experienced as children and that we are currently dealing with as adults. There is no way around this, this just always happens to everyone, even people who claim that they have no trauma what so ever. They do. I have worked with people who claimed to have happy childhoods but still deal with some trauma that they don't completely understand. They always go back to some scene that looks and feels innocent until we investigate further and discover that the 4 year old version of them felt unsafe in that certain innocent scene they were experiencing.

It's awful but it is true, we all experience trauma which always leads to blocking us some sort of success in our lives whether that be in the department of love, money, career, self esteem and/or health; or it can be a combination of all of those, depending on each individual.

Now if you know that you don't have much success in a certain area of you life, you can bet that there is some sort of trauma you experienced that is now blocking that area of your life from fully being expressed and experienced. So you may be asking yourself: "Okay yes, definitely see some blocks in my life but how do I prevent the trauma from blocking it or how can I go about healing the trauma?" So yes, you definitely NEED TO HEAL YOUR TRAUMA in order for you to completely heal that area of your life and help you move on in the areas of your life that you want to see grow. There are so many different techniques, tricks, tools, coaches and ways of healing your trauma and I HIGHLY suggest that you heal it by whatever you feel more drawn to as this is your intuition/higher self's way of giving you the clues in which way you must go to get the answers that you need.

"Trauma is not what happens to you; trauma is what happens inside of you as a result of what happens to you." - Gabor Mate

I am a huge fan of coaching and hypnotherapy as the both combined gives people the effective tools of going deep into the subconscious to understand the ROOT CAUSE of the trauma and the accountability to constantly and consistently cultivate a new life for yourself and see the successes come your way.

Changing your life in certain areas can make the nervous system feel super threaten and will want to self sabotage so getting a coach/therapist to keep you accountable is key to moving forward.

The other ways where you may want to start out with is with meditation and visualizing in certain areas of your life of the result that you would like to experience and cultivating a healthy self talk with yourself so whenever you do feel like some sort of program/trauma is coming in to stop you from doing what you want to progress in, having a healthy, positive and strong self talk can come in handy to push you through it.

"I have always believed that when something traumatic or calamitous enough happens to a child at a formative age, that will make him or her the adult they become." - John Irving

If you are strong willed enough, you can do it alone with enough repetition fo meditation and self talk/affirmations but most people need a support system in place as we are much stronger when we do things in groups (I,e. coaches/therapist/work groups etc.) and we feel safer to be seen in our mess when someone has been through it can hold a safe space for us.

But if you are the ambition type and want to try it yourself, I would highly suggest to watch my playlist of raising your vibrations as this alone helps you to start cultivating a stronger self esteem and power to push through any limiting beliefs and/or trauma. RAISING YOUR FREQUENCY PLAYLIST.

"In trauma recovery the objective is for the past to become a very tiny part of your very large, confident, capable and free self." - Michele Rosenthal

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lots of love,

- Alexandra xo


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