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How to Get Out of Our Daily Fog of Confusion, Frustration, Uncertainty |A New Earth

"The key to be happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go." - unknown

I know in this time that we are all going through; what our whole world is going through, most people tend to feel the feelings of confusion, uncertainty, resentment, grief etc. A whole bucket of negative emotions day in and day out. Making us question when this will all end and how do we get our normal lives back, but see here that is the problem. That normal that we once knew is gone now and a new normal has been created making you feel the feelings you are feeling. Now let me explain. When we think back to our world of how it use to be, wake up at 8am, get your morning coffee, rush out the door and sit in traffic for 1 hour before you go about your work day and going back to your home life afterwards. Now most people created a routine for themselves that they got use to, >> that their body got use and expected each day and each week to happen.

Making you feel safe and comfortable.

There is nothing wrong with your body feeling that way, as this is the way we have evolved to be, making us feel safe within our routines because we knew what to expect at certain times and days. Basically if you guys can remember, WE ARE HABITUAL CREATURES.

Our bodies and minds crave habits, understanding those habits and what happens within those habits and experiences.

"Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do." - Sean Covey

But when our world took a break, shut everything down and made us practice social distancing, our routines, OUR HABITS were taken away. Making our bodies and minds feel threaten and uncertain as it has never went through a big change like that before. Think about it this way, when a person is addicted to waking up and having a donut with a black coffee first thing in the morning and we do that for a whole year, our bodies can expect it, it can predict it and it gets use to it.

But then let's say you want to change it up, you want to get healthy for yourself and your body, so you say to yourself: "Okay, no more. Tomorrow I only drink water with an apple." and you start doing this for a whole week. What do you think eventually happens? Most people break the new habit that they started and go back to what they use to know, because our bodies have craved what it knew for a whole year that it produced certain feelings in you so that you can go back to what was normal for you. >> Black coffee with donut please!! << This is exactly what is happening within our world right now. Some people have created new habits within their days and some are lost and not sure what to do, so for them staying "still" is the only thing they can come up with. While the people who have adopted new routines and habits and believe that their day truly does start out on a positive note but still feel uncertain and unstable. That's because our bodies are still catching up to this new routine we have placed on ourselves.

"Your habits will determine your future." - Jack Canfield

You see, our bodies are the LAST to catch up to what is going on. Our bodies don't fully understand what is going on and how it must get to use to something different. Your body basically does not feel safe, craving what it use to know.

But what it use to know no longer exists and that can feel scary for you.

Just know that it is a normal body reaction to this current situation. Create healthy habits for yourself if you haven't yet. Make sure your morning starts off positive, meditate, do yoga, have a green smoothie, practice journalling. Do something that you know is good for you no matter how it feels now and just keep doing it, because your body will eventually surrender to a new kind of normal and realize that it is safe to operate within its new routine. And a huge benefit to all of that and creating a new positive routine for yourself, is when we are back and running the society. You will crave and keep your daily ritual of what makes you feel good, as your body got use to doing that thus craving its routine. Just stick with it, understand what is truly going on and adjust slowly to your new kind of normal.

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Lots of love, -Alexandra


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