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How to Invest Your Energy Wisely | Success Mindset

“Treat energy the same way you treat money. It's a finite resource that needs to be wisely managed and invested.” — Dandapani


If you know me, have been working with me or have been following me long enough, you know how many times I do mentioned how energy is everything. And that's because it really is everything, even science breaks it down, how everything within our reality is just pure energy, so at least we know that we can all agree with that.

What I wanted to bring more awareness to was how you spend your energy frequency throughout the day, with the things you do and people you see. Most of us blindly go about our day spending and investing our energy into things that truly won't bring us back a ROI (or in other words ROE - return on energy). See a beautiful and symbiotic relaitonship with things around us is that whenever we invest our energy into things, it will actually bring that energy back into us (that can be money, a beautiful relationship, food, material goods and literally ENERGY)

So, for example - you can invest your energy into people but you should be making sure you are getting that energy back into you, if not that relationship might as well fade off into the distance because if the energy investment is only coming from you, you soon will be completely depleted from giving anymore. (remember the whole giving and receiving thing? well it's a balance folks!) In spiritual terms people call these people who just feed off of your energy as energy vampires. They take and take but aren't willing to give.

Do yourself a favour and just cut yourself from these people.

"We are mass energy. Everything is energy. EVERYTHING." - Rhonda Byrne

Another example is a job you don't really like. Sure, you can say: "well wait a minute, but I am going to work (investing your energy) and they are paying me for the job I do (receiving the energy back). Yes, this is actually a good example here because I want to point out, that sometimes the energy you receive isn't sufficient enough for us when the investment isn't making us happy.

This can go for absolutely anything in life where you're investing energy but the receiving isn't coming back or it's coming back but it's not equal to what you are putting out.

In this case, I would also suggest to stop investing your energy into places, jobs, peoples, habits that aren't benefiting you and put it towards something that will.

"Energy invested In your own success can never be wasted. Energy wasted in others can never be taken back." - Shanna Rodriguez

See, when we invest our energy, we should feel like the energy that is coming back to us is giving us this beautiful life force; i.e. more energy to play with. We should feel inspired, energetic, bright eyed, happy, content, passionate and joyful. If we aren't then simple the investment is not a good one and your return isn't either. Start becoming more aware of how you spend your energy. Write things down on all the things you have invest your time, money, resources and energy in and then contemplate whether those were good ones or not.

If something on your list just isn't bringing you back the investment that you put in, simple make a plan to get that thing, habit, person, job out of your life.

"Invest in people who invest in you." - unknown

Once you can start investing your energy into things that will bring you back the huge amount of energy back into your life, you will start seeing yourself succeed in so many things and areas in your life because you are finally taking your energy investment seriously enough.

Energy is currency. Remember that.

Spend & invest wisely.

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