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How To Stop Getting In Your Own Way | You Vs You

"Get out of your own way. Often, we're our own worst enemy when working towards our goals." - Robert T. Kiyosaki

It's time to WAKE UP and realize that we are the ones HOLDING ourselves back! We are the ones who are recreating the same experiences and patterns over and over and over again. Same toxic relationships, same mundane job, same daily routines of feeling exhausted, sleepy, anxious and even depressed.

We are the ones creating this story for ourselves over and over again.

Now we all know you weren't born this way, babies come into this world feeling so much love, joy, light and happiness. We are just pure in our emotions and we see the world completely differently than our much older humans; adults. So when we grow up and we start learning about the outside world and what it has to offer. We start shaping our reality and our belief system on what we are currently experiencing. These first experiences ARE NOT your fault!! But it is what you make from these experiences that start to shape a lot of different beliefs in you and a certain personality type.

"Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it's dark." - Zen Proverb

When we have experienced similar things over and over again, we tend to birth a belief in our lives, holding onto it like it's some kind of security blanket, which then shapes our life. We basically start looking to the outside world to understand why these sort of things start happening to us; we start to look on who and what to blame. And we will hold onto that blame for a long period of time, constantly pointing our finger on THAT THING or THAT PERSON, never taking the responsibility of cleaning our act up and deciding differently. Now when we put blame on the outside world for our life, that certain thing OWNS US for the REST OF OUR LIVES, as long as we agree to continue having it affect us. The minute we realize that this "thing" we blamed our life and experiences on is taking our own freedom away of having the life we desire, is when we start to WAKE UP and take responsibility of creating something new. Now, I do want people to understand that the situations that you have manifested for yourself that are continuously being recreated have a certain purpose behind them; a lesson. A beautiful lesson that you MUST learn from, that is the only reason why these things keep happening to you in the first place, making you feel stuck.

When we learn from this lesson and start to let go of the blame, the hurt and the old story that has been running our lives, that is when we can start creating the space for something new to be birthed in our lives.

We finally start to get out of our own way. We realize we are powerful beyond measure.

We start to own our lives; our stories and start recreating it to how we WANT it to look like and how you deserve it to look like. You are the ultimate creator of your life, you get to decide how your life is going to look like, what kind of relationships you are going to have, what kind of career is going to be there most fulfilling for you. You get to do just that and decide because you finally have got out of your own way and decided on something greater. Something that will suit your life SO much better than the old story that has been running your life for so long.

"The only thing standing between you and your goals is the BS stories you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it." - unknown

Wake up folks, wake up to your old BS stories of how Susie made you feel small and incapable or how Jacob cheated on you and you will never trust another dude again.

Stop allowing these stories to run you.

Wake up and decide for yourselves what kind of story you want to match your life and the minute you absolutely dedicate yourself to the brand new story is exactly when you can now start living it how you see it in your mind. Gooooo & start creating it because you absolutely deserve it! Watch my video below on getting tips on changing your inner state from sluggish to waking up filled with absolute BLISS & JOY!

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Lots of love,

- Alexandra


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