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How You Can Start Creating The Space To CREATE | Dream Life

"Clutter isn't just in your home, attic, garage or office. Clutter is also in your mind, and distracts you from the amazing things you are meant to do." - Katrina Mayer

We all want the beautiful home, the amazing thrilling relationship, fulfilling career and just a life filled with love, happiness, peace and tranquility, and we ALL deserve to have it. We all deserve to live it. We all deserve to become this AMAZING version of ourselves that are living the ultimate life FOR US & BY US.

Question is, do you have the space to hold for that dream to come about?

Most people don't. Plain and simple but I will tell you why !

Firstly, let me explain the idea of space. We are all energetic beings constantly creating with our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, whether we realize it or not and we only have a certain amount of energy every single morning/day. So we must be wise when we are spending our energetic value. Think about when you wake up (whether you are groggy or not) you have a certain amount of energy OR SPACE in your day to fill it with work, friends, tasks and duties. Which is why when we get back to our homes at the end of the day, we are mentally tired and most of the time at the end of our days, this isn't a time to CREATE. It's a time to wind down, slow down and slowly get ready for bed, aka REST. So that once again you can wake up filled with the empty space to create your day once again.

See, we always get multiple of chances to create our day into something new but most of us create the same old, same old. Not even realizing how much control we have over our days, over our creation and what we do.

So now that you are understanding this idea of space or the amount of energy you have during each day, now you need to understand how you are spending that energy OR filling up your space with unwanted stuff.

"Clear clutter. Make space for you." - Magdalena Vandenberg

Most people start filling up their space/spending their energy by worrying about the same old things, thinking the same old ways, doing the same old stuff and then wondering why nothing ever changes for them!


How can you create something new when you have wasted your energy on remembering the same old stuff from the past, being worried about the same things and thinking negatively? You have literally filled up more than 50% of your space on negative things which is a single to the outside world of: "Hey, I really like seeing all these negative things around me, so much so I keep filling up my space with all this unnecessary clutter of worries, doubts and stress. Keep it coming universe!" Now, I know you don't consciously think that but when you fill up your space with those things, that is what your energy is saying to the outside world, to give you more of that. Crazy huh?

"You can't reach for anything new if your hands are full of yesterday's junk."

In order to now start creating something new, something beautiful and different in your life, you will have to start becoming conscious and aware of how you spend your energy/fill your space up during each and every day.

You will have to wake up each day a brand new person with a brand new attitude and outlook on life.

You will have to start becoming conscious and aware of yourself, your thoughts, feelings and actions. And when you realize just how valuable your energy is and how you spend it, you will start thinking and becoming more positive. Filling up your space with all the things that you DO want to happen for you, and in a period of time, you will literally start perceiving the outside world of how you always envisioned it to be.

"Clutter is anything that doesn't belong in a space - whether because it belongs elsewhere in your home, or it doesn't belong in your home any longer."

Start dreaming guys. Start filling up your space/spending your energy on all the good things and more of it will come. Promise.

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Lots of love, -Alexandra


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