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In A Time Of Separation, Let's Concentrate On Connection | New Earth

"Deep Human Connection the purpose and the result of a meaningful life - and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity." - Melinda Gates

As we began the new year of 2021, we are still dealing with what the world is going through plus more. Since the beginning of 2020, we were all thrown into this big bubble of staying away from each other, not able to go to places we use to go to, not being able to see friends or family etc.

I know how much it has affected most people and caused a lot of mental health issues for folks like depression, anxiety, fear, uncertainty etc. It definitely has taken a toll on a lot of people in many different ways.

Since I have always been the one to try and look at things in a positive light especially during dark periods in my life (thanks to all my previous traumatic events in my life) I took 2020 in full stride and decided to make it out of something at least for me instead of being drawn into what was happening and the constant news and stories about it.

I thankfully managed to build some new practices for me, my health and my spirituality. I feel like 2020 was definitely a good year for me despite everything that has been going on. Now don't get me wrong, as I am human and on an energetic level WE ARE ALL connected with one another, so there were definitely times I felt down, depressed and just felt like: "Can all of this end already?" On those days, I choose to concentrate more on anything that was slightly more positive or happy just to try and turn that emotion around.

"In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers. Know the true importance of human connection." - Unknown

Now in 2021, I can definitely say I feel more of peoples energies and how tired people are of everything that is going on. Days seem more gloomy, there are less and less people around, more people don't want to see each other and everyone sits by their TVS waiting for some news of something remotely positive. This kind of energy again does get to me as a COLLECTIVE I feel all of you and all of you feel me.

We all feel each other.

In a way it's bittersweet because though we all may feel quite down, we know deep down that we truly are in this together (like it or not). But recently, I have come to a realization, that this whole event in our world was absolutely necessary and had to of happened (don't come at me with being offensive or defensive, hear me out).

This had to of happened folks.

Think about it even before 2020 when we were all out and about, doing our things, seeing people and just living our lives. Though it may have looked like we were "connected", especially now more than ever because of technology, we actually were not. We have lived our lives for a long time in separation and now last year was finally Earth's way of purging out the bad and showing us what has been happening all this time but no one wanted to look at it and do the work.

"Social connection is such a basic feature of human experience that when we are deprived from it, we suffer." - Leonard Mlodinow

And because not many people wanted to look at the fact that indeed we were living separate lives, Mother Earth forced us to finally see what the hell has been going on all this time!! TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE.

I know most of you still may be thinking: "but how? How were we living in a separate way." Again though, it may have not LOOKED that way doesn't mean it wasn't that way. We got use to living all together but in competition with one another, always trying to out do one another, "Does this person have a better life than me, do they have a nicer house than me, I need to do more, be more and have MORE MORE MORE!!" It is such a tired and separate way of living. Again most of you may still be very unaware of this and may think that you have never thought those things, but this is all very subconscious. We were taught to live in a competitive way since childhood. So it just feels normal to you.

But the Earth is now showing you that this is far from normal, it's time to see the illusion, heal what you must and start CONNECTING WITH ONE ANOTHER. (Again, it doesn't mean physically go out, hold hands and sing kumbaya with one another, although if you feel like doing that, do what you must ;) ) Think about your life before 2020, how many times did you think how nice it would be to help another person? How to help this world enter a better way of being or living, what small or big things you could do that contribute to society, humanity and the world. Probably not very often, we usually thought: "Someone else will do it." But we have to stop relying on others to lift their finger up and do something, we are all in this together and we all must DO something.

"Human connection is the most vital aspect of our existence, without the sweet touch of another human being, we are lonely stars in an empty space waiting to shine vigorously." - Joe Strayange

I believe this world has put us through these events so we realize how separate we have become as a society and now is the last stage of this separation (the world purging out what needs to be purged before moving onto her next chapter).

It is time to get connected again.

It is time to think about contributing to the world, helping one another, loving one another and thinking about serving mankind and this beautiful earth we live on. It is time to stop comparing ourselves to one another and what the other person has or doesn't have, because it doesn't matter what they have if they aren't living a good life, it is time to stop hiding from everything you are feeling inside, it is time to stop trying to heal and do everything on your own and realize getting help is something you are worthy of, it is time to raise yourself to the next level, it is time to start being happy for peoples successes.

It is time to wake up from the illusion that we were brought up in.

"The ego seeks to divide and separate, the soul seeks to unify and heal." - Pam Chodron

So something for you to think about in this journey we are in 2021, what will you do that will make a difference this year? No matter how big or small. What is something you can do for someone that will lift their day up?

What is something you can do for yourself to be a better version of you?

It is something to think about and something to come to understand, we all need to heal. EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. We can no longer hide or put it off until later. It is time, hence why you have all the time in the world now thanks to the quarantine.

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Wish you tons of healing, love and health this year,

- Alexandra


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