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In Contrast | We Find Our Blessings

"In order for life to expand, there MUST be contrast. That's what you came here for.

Plus how would you know what you want, without knowing what you don't want?" - Abraham Hicks CONTRAST,

It helps you to define what you want out of life, it helps you wiggle around this planet; your life understanding YOURSELF better. Most people end up thinking: "UGH!!! I just wish I was born to a rich family and everything that I ever wanted and needed was just given to me in a heart beat!!"

But how boring would your life be, if what you wanted came so easily to you?? In fact, you would want to see or experience contrast in order to really KNOW and UNDERSTAND who you are! Since that is exactly what contrast is for, you get to see the "struggle" you are going through as something just there because technically you did put it there (Don't allow that to trigger you, I know some people are still in denial about taking responsibility in their lives and understanding how certain things got there) so that you can see the OTHER amazing things that are happening in your life, for example:

  • Having a roof over your head

  • Having a beautiful relationship with your partner

  • Having awesome kick ass supportive people in your life

  • Having a job you love

  • Having a hobby or sport you do often

  • Having a body that functions well

etc. The list goes on depending on what you can see around you that we take for granted but is actually pretty awesome that it's in our lives. Most certainly, if we didn't have it, we would be thinking about those things being like: "Wow... I took those things for granted. I never appreciated them because I was so stuck complaining about a certain person/situation in my life that was taking so much of my attention and energy." So first start to see how that contrast in your life right now is blessing the other things in your life, that you may take for granted. Then actually thank the contrast for being there because it's making you a STRONGER, MORE RESILIENT person who know is getting to understand themselves better and what they actually want out of life.

After you conquer the contrast and get what you actually want, most people say: "Thank god for that contrast because without it, I would of never got to see where I can go and what places it could lead me to."

Check out my video below, as I talk more in depth about this and how you can start creating a life you want.

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Lots of love

-Alexandra xox


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