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Let It Go To Receive It | Manifestation Made Easy

"In your neediness you repel, in your wholeness you attract." - Abraham Hicks

Whenever we set out for our goals and desires often time we have such an energy of importance and neediness that we end up just repelling the thing we most want.

I know my work with individuals that is the exact thing we work on. See people most often come to me when they realize that they have been wanting something SO BADLY and for years on end, that they finally are wondering why is it so hard to have that thing they really desire to have in their lives.

And I get that, I truly do.

As most people have something they really, deeply, truly want and for whatever reason that exact thing is something that easily escapes them, time and time again. So that is when most people find me, want to understand what the hell is going on and what is stopping them from getting that thing or person. While most of the time, there are a number of things we MUST look at, (i.e. like trauma is a huge component as to why you don't get the things you want and you need to understand the root cause of this trauma, which is done through hypnosis.) one of the easiest things to resolve and understand is how very much important that desire is of yours, because the more important it is the more you separate yourself from it, as ironic as that may sound.

An easy way to understand this is look at the things that come so easily into your life and see how you treat those things.

For me it was always relationships, being or getting into a relationship was so EASY for me, like second nature. It truly wasn't something I spent most time thinking about because relationships would easily find me, but for some other things in my life that I desperately wanted, they always seemed to elude me and that is when I started really looking at the things that were so easy for me and I started to understand the one fundamental belief and/or attitude I had about relationship, that I simply deserved to be in a relationships, relationships are easy to create, I am attractive/desired and I truly didn't care whether I would be single all my life, because I truly enjoyed my alone time.

My energy towards that area of my life made it so easy to find relationships, be with that person, end that relationship and find someone else. I truly didn't have to spend much time thinking about it. Now that doesn't mean to say that I had all amazing, loving relationships as this wasn't always the case. I clearly did have some traumatic relationships but this also came from my belief about relationships and what I saw between my parents when I was younger. Thankfully that is something I have worked on (and still continue to work on) and am proud to say I truly have a loving, caring, respectful relationships now.

When you start to see this difference in your life, you can start to drop this importance or this neediness to have that thing that it is you want, again I know how difficult the ego likes to make this sort of thing as most of the time the ego will come in and say: "What you expect me to just stop thinking about that thing? How can I pretend that it's NOT important and let it go when all my life this is want I really wanted!!!! I just can't!"

And that is something you will have to come around and do your best to everyday show up and drop the importance of having your desires, as this will naturally give them the space it needs to come into your life easily, effortlessly and naturally.

I will give you guys a quick short story that happened recently just how perfectly this works:

So before Christmas 2020, I made an order (I believe in November 2020) for a couple of Christmas gifts for some of my clients (Yes, I enjoy giving back to you guys as I appreciate all the support I get and wonderful work that we do together) I was hopeful to get it before Christmas as I felt it would be a nice thing for my clients to receive along with the Christmas holiday but there was just one more thing I was waiting for.

As I received more and more items, there was just this one thing I was waiting for and kept wondering when it will come (I don't believe there was a tracking number on it) and I didn't bother to contact the seller as I trusted that it would indeed come. So this item didn't end up coming for Christmas and I thought well it will have to come at least the first or second week of January. I was waiting for some other items I ordered for myself and on the second week of January, I heard a knock on the door and saw the post man. He gave me my package and unfortunately it wasn't the item that I was expecting, it was one of my personal ones. So I dropped the package in the kitchen and just thought: "Oh well, maybe it is not meant to come to me. Maybe someone else received it who really needs it right now and it is uplifting their day right now."

I KID YOU NOT! Literally when I ended that thought, the mail man came and knocked on the door, I opened it and it was the same mail man as a couple seconds before and he said he forgot something else and gave me another smaller package and it was the ITEM. I couldn't believe it, well I could but I was absolutely floored about how this whole thing happened. Literally the moment I dropped the importance about receiving the item, it came like magic. It was absolutely magnificent!

So folks, when we are detached from whatever the thing we want, goal or person we want comes to us, we naturally allow a path to open up for that thing to come to us that we never saw before. Sometimes when we truly, deeply and desperately want something, we tend to stop it from entering our life as the energy we keep sending out is that of lack, and you cannot be in a state of receivership when you are literally leaking out to the universe that you are desperately lacking it.

Let it go, forget about it and find alternatives of how not having that thing is actually a benefit for you and as you do that, in a magical way that very thing appears before your eyes.

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Blissfully and willingly allow yourself to let the desire go.

Lots of love,



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