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Let's ALL Just START Talking | Communication is KEY

"Great communication begins with connection." - Oprah Winfrey


We all hear about and we all know that the key to great relationships is to COMMUNICATE, but do we truly ALL DO IT?

I know some of you may say yes we do but I have noticed that we still have tons of holes when it comes to communicating authentically. I truly can't believe that it's 2019 and this STILL has to be said. This still has to be made NOTICE so that people stop being so afraid to use their voice and truly communicate with one another.

How is someone (who ever you are dealing with, that could be a romantic relationship, business or just anyone in the street) suppose to KNOW what you want, what you expect out of them and understand YOUR perceptions of things when you cannot say your whole truth. We hide behind these glass walls only saying part of our truths being afraid of what the other person will say or think about it, may judge you the wrong way or start a lengthily discussion about the subject. Truth is, our communicating style is based on whether we EVER felt safe enough to have a voice; to use our voice. Once we have had an experience that we got shut down, judged, yelled at, blamed for etc. for whenever we spoke up for ourselves, later on in our life we won't feel the need or safety to communication. We will leave so many people on the bare minimum of our boundaries, expectations and how we truly feel just because we don't feel safe to explain ourselves.

I can totally understand and relate to this as I have had on numerous occasions being shut down whenever I tried to explain myself or set my boundaries, a person would simply interrupt me and say how wrong I was. Which obviously made me feel bad and not valued which in turn, losing connection to other people. See the whole thing on communication is that it's suppose to bring people together, bring people to connect with one another hence the COMMUNION in COMMUNICATION. The only way this start getting better, the only way you start having a voice is when you finally start USING it. It will be scary and slightly uncomfortable at first but you must start somewhere, with at least one person (if you are truly having issues opening up and finding your voice. Schedule a call with me as I can go further into explaining how hypnosis helps digging out the root cause of your issue and healing it for good, so that you never have to go silent ever again) and then you will see that slowly you will start opening yourself back up.

Creating a trusting and loving communion with the other person, and you will find if they don't understand you, you will have set forth boundaries that simply will not allow you to continue to build a relationship with this individual. Watch my video below as I give more tips about how you can start opening yourself back up and finding a voice for yourself.

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Lots of love - Alexandra xo


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