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Manifestation Through People | Life Creation

"It's already yours" - Universe Manifestation is one topic that I feel is quite broad and vague essence behind it, which is why so many people have questions and doubts about it. If you read books, listen to podcasts/YouTube videos, you will hear thousands of techniques that get you want you want. Yet so many people are confused by it and just don't quite understand it. Which makes sense when you think about it since all this new age stuff to us is well, quite NEW. We never grew up with a concept that we can think of something or do something in a specific way and it will just show up to us right in front of our door. Most people cannot wrap their heads around manifestation and how it truly works, even diving into the quantum physics side of it can get so confusing for a lot of people.

Well my recent session with a client around this topic inspired this post/video and she was having the same kind of issue about how to get what we really want with all these different tools and techniques that many suggest. And I simply told her: "Lisa (name changed for this post) you have to stop thinking about manifestation like some magical thing outside of yourself. We manifest through people ALL THE TIME." And this got her excited, this even got myself excited when I first heard about this idea that 98% of the time we manifest the things we want through other people. Now you may be scratching your head and thinking what am I talking about, well here let me give you some examples that will help break this down a bit further.

" Be the energy you want to attract." - Unknown

Think about everything you have received before, whether you wanted it not (because even the things we do not want, well... that is our part of playing in with that manifestation.... but we can get into that idea in another post) you most of the time got it THROUGH A PERSON. >> A free cup of coffee? ---> THROUGH A PERSON. >> A beautiful romantic relationship? ---> THROUGH A PERSON. >> A new car? ---> THROUGH A PERSON (this can even include yourself)

>> A down payment for a home? ---> THROUGH A PERSON. >> A trip to Italy? ---> THROUGH A PERSON.

Now you may be asking how the last 3 are through a person when most of the time you probably were the one to pay for the thing itself. Well firstly, you are a person so that manifestation did in fact come through a person (you) but if we look even closer on for example how you got the money for that thing. You sold something to receive that money (an item, business service, your time for a job etc.) and that money came through a person. Some people are actually given homes, cars or a free trip and that came through a person as well.

"It's not what you want that you will attract, you attract what you believe to be true." - Neville Goddard

So when you begin to break it down, you can see how 98% of the time we are receiving the things we want through people. So our brain doesn't have to figure out the HOW's of getting what you want because you can simply assume that it will come through a person. You just don't need to know WHO that will be or HOW that will come about, but you can be sure that your manifestation will come through a person.

This helps your brain relax, not need to figure all the moving piece you aren't aware of and have a deeper trust of those things coming into your life because hey.. I bet you can think of a few things that you really wanted and how they showed up in your life through someone you knew/ didn't know.

"Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows." - Neville Goddard

When I first heard about it, it made me relax into the manifestation process and allowed the room for that thing to come about in whatever unique way it was going to come from.

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So just relax, trust and allow your manifestation to come through.

Lots of love, - Alexandra


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