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Most Important Lessons In Life | Our Relationships

"If you accept that a relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy, then the relationship will offer you salvation; and you will be aligning yourself with the higher consciousness that wants to be born into this world." - Eckhart Tolle

RELATIONSHIPS, is honestly the one thing that either MAKE or BREAK you. Most of the time, I would like to say that they do indeed eventually MAKE YOU once you start asking the right questions TO YOURSELF. When we are born, we get so confused about what relationships TRULY are and what they are here for. We run in this constant loop of finding "the one", the one who "completes" us and makes us "happy". But if that is your goal in this life, to run after the things that will make you happy, you will be in a constant loop of running in circles, never actually getting any closer to this "paradise" you have envisioned in your head. AND also putting that much pressure onto ONE person who is most likely searching for the same thing as you.......... So how do you think that would truly turn out?

When two individuals are on the hunt for happy and never realizing that the happiness only lies within themselves. This is why we end up with SO MANY RELATIONSHIP ISSUES, CHEATING, LIES, BETRAYAL, DIVORCES etc. (sure you may be one of those people who just don't want to entertain relationships because of the craziness that ensues them, which is completely fine but it does just show you have a huge pain point that you don't want to heal but avoid and most likely it is one you are not ready to face) People must start to understand that the relationships that we enter, are simply there to teach us, about OURSELVES!!!! And most people don't like that, most people are still not ready to fully face themselves and the issues they need to resolve and heal in order to have a beautiful, loving relationship. Most will go unconscious from one relationship to the next, repeating the same patterns OVER and OVER again, thinking that this new person will somehow be different and somehow make them feel differently about themselves. Sure you will feel that in the relationship in the first few weeks but after sometime, that eventually goes away and all the BS we are unconscious off eventually gets shown and thrown on the other person. THIS IS WHEN PEOPLE HAVE TO GET TO A POINT IN THEIR LIVES OF, "Okay.... I have seen a pattern in my relationships. Let me get out, focus on myself and focus on what I AM POSSIBLY DOING WRONG."

Getting out (especially if your relationship is quite toxic or just isn't getting better) is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your mental health. This is a journey where now you can start asking yourself questions as to why and what you are doing wrong.

  • What are the sort of things you need to heal?

  • What do you keep repeating in your relationships?

  • What are the patterns you keep seeing?

  • Where are your patterns stemming from?

  • What do you really need and want from yourself?

  • Your partner?

  • Your relationship?

This is SELF DISCOVERY, and self discovery in relationships happens when there is conflict, as it is there to teach you something about yourselves. Once you discovery and heal those aspects within yourself, you will be able to enter relationships with a new state of mind, with a new understanding. Never actually repeating the same crap that you did before. This is exactly when the lesson has been learned and healed and therefore you have graduated for that next level in your life. Watch my video below as I go into more details explaining the sort of toxic crap we do in relationships, how we constantly project onto one another thinking it's that persons fault and how you can start to truly heal yourself.

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As always, lots of love -Alexandra


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