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Move with Your Alignment | Breadcrumbs from Your Soul

"Follow your soul, it knows the way." - Ritu Rai


sometimes is really honouring what you feel deep down inside EVEN if you don't want to do it. Even if your conscious mind and ego is fighting against it.


The whole point is to surrender and let go.


Allow your soul, your intuition to guide you to where you are suppose to be and what you are suppose to do in this current moment. This whole concept may seem really simple and truly like common sense but we must understand how many times we come in our own way and self sabotage ourselves from doing what we truly want to do. We will feel the urge of: "I need to do this, I must go there." etc But then we get the thoughts of: "Naah... don't want to go that way. It is too risky, too scary. Let's face it, I am just not good enough." Totally and completely self-sabotaging ourselves. That may feel like misalignment and often we think: "Okay, I will just let this feeling go and need to go meditate or re-center myself until I am fully aligned to go and do that."


And sure sometimes we need that, sometimes we truly do need to re-center ourselves, BUT this doesn't mean you were misaligned.


What I want people to understand is that whenever you feel that feeling; that urge to go and do that thing your soul wants you to do, YOU ARE TOTALLY ALIGNED IN THAT MOMENT. That is the universe telling you to just go for it. You are ready, you got this and you can totally do it. Your conscious mind just hasn't caught up to that idea yet. You keep fighting against yourself and keeping putting yourself in your own way because of these limiting beliefs.


You just gotta go forth, into the midst of the unknown and trust that your soul is doing a great job guiding you.


You are ever bit worthy of your dreams and goals, you just gotta catch up to that idea and honour it. Watch my video below to really get the true essence of what I am saying and I hope to leave you guys inspired to just go after it already. You don't need anymore more or less, you already got EVERYTHING you need, which is YOURSELF.

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lots of love, - Alexandra xo


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