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My Uplifting Morning Ritual | 2020


"Be pleasant everyday until 10 o'clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself." - Edward Hubbard

Heeellloooooo all!! This post will be more personal and a little different. A lot of you have been asking me how my morning ritual looks like, as we all know that how we start our day will affect how the rest of it looks like. My morning routine has switched up a lot and I like doing that, as I am always asking myself what is the next best version of me doing, how does she look like, how does she handle her business, how do her relationships look like and how does she start her day in the morning. For this year so far, I have fine tuned and adjusted my morning to suit me best and I have been doing this ritual that I am going to share with you below for the last couple of months, AND it has been making me feel oh so fabulous. ;) As I wake up I do my best not to look at my phone and to leave it where it is, so I can go to the bathroom and get myself ready. After I have brushed my teeth I start my very own personal affirmations.

1. Personal Positive Affirmations

I have heard and I am sure many of you have heard about affirmations as they started to come out when the law of attraction got popular. I remember starting them like I am sure most of you have but eventually my negative subconscious mind told myself this is all BS and to drop them anyway, because really speaking some phrases will make your life somehow better? meh.

But the more I grew and the more research I did into our subconscious mind and also following a number of successful people, it turns out this technique is true. The more we practice a certain phrase or statement over a period of time, hard wires the thought into our mind thus creating that very reality in our lives. So instead of searching the net on what affirmations I can say to myself. I asked myself the question: "what is it that I want to experience more of in life?" & that was the key! All the positive statements about myself and about my life just flowed out of me. It made me feel amazing, it made me feel like something awesome was going to happen to me. It lifted me up and filled my cup so much that I have not gone a day without speaking these truths to myself and loving on myself.

2. Joy Moment

After my awesome positive speech to myself, I go downstairs to my living room, turn some music on and jam it up! (no one else in my house can hear as they sleep. As I do this with my headphones) I put on a song that I know makes my soul just want to burst out and dance (most of the time it is Happy by Pharell Williams as I like my subconscious mind to keep absorbing the positive statements) I then literally just dance like no one is watching and flow with my body however it wants to express itself.

"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create there symphony of life." - B.K.S Iyengar

It's one the most incredible things you can do to lifting your mood up and training your mind into PRODUCING THOSE VERY CHEMICALS OF JOY & HAPPINESS!! (how many of us wake up in the same meh morning mood? well this is a good way to start turning it around)

3. Energy Work

This little gem I actually found on YouTube and felt that deep down in my soul I needed to do this to balance myself. We are all energetic beings, we get influences and thrown of by so many things in our environment that it's important to balance your body by tapping on specific meridians that flow through your body and working with your overall energy. This great technique was developed by Donna Eden who does great and wonderful work on balancing energies within our bodies. Doing this daily will keep your body and mental health at it's peak. I definitely suggest incorporating this into your daily routine for optimal health and resilience. While also doing this, I recorded a morning message to myself with more positive affirmations and phrases to remind myself on what a wonderful day I am about to have and experience. Again it's training our subconscious mind on focusing on the things that we want and not the negative.

4. Meditation

After moving my body and filling my mind with so much positivity. I do into silence or some form of meditation. The types of meditation that I do each morning depend on my intuition. Sometimes I want a more quite and musical meditation, other days I want a guided meditation and on others I do a breathing technique meditation. All of these have wonderful benefits and I am sure most of you already know those benefits of meditation. It's one of those key techniques that I won't ever miss out on as it gets me into the present moment, away from any stressors and focusing on the things I do want in my life.

5. Journalling

Last but not least, I end this morning ritual off by journalling. I am sure most of you know the benefits of journalling as well, so I won't go too much into it. Though there are different ways you can journal and I have tried some of them. What I feel most called to journal now is stating everything that I am grateful for; things that have happened and even things that are yet to happen. As gratitude only brings more of what you want in. Then I set my intention for the day and how I want it to go, afterwards I also do in a way a little prayer (I do not come from a religious background but again it's what my intuition felt called to do) So I write this down and it goes something like: "May I be happy, loving and lovable today." "May all my clients feel healed and transformed." "May I stay connected with the universe constantly receiving signs." and the list goes on, it's what I feel in the moment and it makes me feel so wonderful.

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." - Marcus Aurelius

I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope this has inspired you to incorporate at least one of these techniques into your life. This has made my morning from what is use to be meh to amazing and absolutely makes me love my mornings now. Watch my video to see some of the things that I do and please leave a comment on which of these techniques was your favourite & which one you are going to try.

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