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Not Honouring Your Health is a Form of Self-Abuse | Let's Get Real

"Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

YOUR HEALTH is one of the most important and vital things in your life!! Why you may ask? Because you are living in a vehicle (one and only, as I am aware that we cannot simply transport ourselves into a new body when this body is incapable of doing something) that is giving you the freedom to enjoy and live this life as you please. I realize that with my title, this can trigger A LOT of people who are the ones participating in not taking care of themselves. Remember, wherever there is a trigger, there is something you MUST heal within yourself so you don't respond to it. So yes, I am aware it can trigger a lot in you but that is a beautiful thing as the pain in us gets revealed and we now know what we must heal. Please use this opportunity to heal yourself, your mind and your body.

I want people to realize that indulging in different foods, drinks and drugs is simply a gateway to escape what is truly hurting. You have convinced your mind that whenever you feel something uncomfortable and painful, you have conditioned yourself to reach out for your favourite candy bar, alcoholic beverage or anything that isn't GOOD for your body in order to distract you from the pain. You are basically using food, drinks and drugs as a DISTRACTION. And when can you truly heal? When can you truly heal your mind and body if you continuously distract yourself from the pain underneath. Everyone knows if you keep doing this, you will eventually end up with SOMETHING in your body that it needs something outside (like medical drugs and assistance) in order to keep you and your body functioning. and what kind of SELF LOVE is that?


It's not. It is self-abused disguised as pleasure.


When I see the people around me participating in this kind of acts, its quite saddening because what they are saying: "I am not worth to recover. I am not worth for me to eat healthier foods and exercise to keep my body functioning." But you are! We all are and surely your body is too! In my belief system, I believe that it is an HONOR to give my body the right foods it needs in order to function, it is an HONOR to give my digestive system a break from alcohol (the wine I drink like 2/3 times a year, hah), it is an HONOR to exercise and move my body in different ways so that it can serve me for as long as it can, allowing me to explore this world on my different adventures. I HONOR my body right and when I do have a craving for something, I ask myself where it is truly coming from. WHY am i craving so much sugar or salt, or unnecessary junk. WHY? Most of the time, I am stressed, I am not happy, and something in those foods reminds me of a feeling that resembles happiness, love and connection. So when I understand that what I am really craving are those feelings, I re-adjust and give my body those feelings in a different way. Which could be and sometimes looks like:

- Seeing a good friend - Releasing my emotions i.e. crying - Going into nature - Riding my horse - Spending some quality time with my loved ones. Etc. I heal those parts of me and guess what? those cravings go away then. They disappear and I no longer need them.


To honor your body, to give it the right foods to function and exercise is a VITAL act of LOVE.


Watch my video below as I explain what made me want to post this video and post, as I walked into a gas station and experienced two different generations interacting with each other and that just made me realize, that we NEED to take care of OURSELVES!

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lots of love, Alexandra


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