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Our Vibration Affects Our Health | Mind Body Spirit

"Your body is a molecular structure. Your body is a massive energy at a very high speed of vibration." - Bob Proctor

When we are doing the inner work and going through the motions of our old version of ourselves vs the higher version of ourselves. We are changing so many things about us & mostly at an energetic level. Since most of us already know that everything is energy, one would understand that when we are starting to heal our trauma, think different thoughts, we are shifting our vibration from one level to another.

But not many people talk about how when we are going through this shift, our bodies are also going through a shift of its own i.e. adjusting to the higher frequencies.

This process varies from person to person as we are all very unique on how energy effects us, but I would say most of us do process these higher frequencies with getting an illness, sickness or in general we feel super low.

One would ask why would that be if we are RAISING OUR FREQUENCY?

Shouldn't I feel better?

Well yes and no. Dr. Joe Dispenza (highly recommend checking his work out as he goes deep into subconscious beliefs and also when we are starting to vibrate at a higher level, our bodies go through a process of their own) talks about this when he has his week long retreats. Many people who go there to enter a new vibration and become someone new, experience their bodies adjusting to this frequency by getting sick or ill to process all the negative emotions they are letting go of. You can read this here.

"Our entire biological system, the brain, and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies.." - Nikola Tesla

We do end up feeling better after our bodies process the old toxic frequencies but it does have to go through the process first. I believe (as Dr. Joe Dispenza mentions) that when we are raising our frequency and allowing us to become the highest version of ourselves, when we have lived for quite a long time being the same person with the same quality of thoughts, we are eliminating old waste/old energy and toxins from the old self - basically shedding old skin that you use to wear for a very long time.

This old shed is necessary as your cells are going through a biological upgrade to vibrate at a different level than what it use to vibrate at. So no, you aren't doing anything bad.

You can take this as a sign that your body is going through the change with you, just continue doing the work even if you don't feel good, as you are showing your body that you want this change to happen and take its final effect on you.

"Change isn't easy, changing the way you live means changing what you believe about life. That's hard, when we make our own misery , we sometimes cling to it even when we want so bad to change because misery is something we know. The misery is comfortable." - Dean Koontz

I actually went through one recently as I have been upgrading the current version of myself into the next version of me, where I got a fever and experienced ear pain with loss of hearing. I have never got an ear infection before and I knew that this was happening to rid of the old energy I have been carrying around me.

My cells were upgrading to vibrate at the level I was working on getting. Do I think I will always go through something like this while I work on reaching the highest level of myself? Probably but it really depends on what my body needs to release from the old self. It's just about trusting the process, being gentle with yourself while you integrate the change happening within you. Allow your body to rest and most importantly do not stop doing the inner work just because your body is going through the transition. Think of the catepillar when it's transforming into the butterfly. It is not an easy process.

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