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Pampering Yourself | Have a Self Love Day

SELF LOVE: A Celebration Of Your Own Unique Essence.

SELF LOVE It's a word that also gets thrown around and we all brag about how we love ourselves. But do you TRULY?

It's totally being super real with yourself and understanding that you are loving yourself as you WERE and as you are currently, giving enough love to yourself to heal from those situations and blissfully letting it all go. So that you can become the true essence that resides deep down in you. Self love is all about digging into your own soul, resolving and dissolving anything that holds you back - BASICALLY it can be MESSY AF. But that is what it is; it's confronting all your demons and acknowledging to yourself how you have been, what mistakes you have done in the past and KEEP projecting out to the future.

By unveiling who you truly are, you are doing your soul and the world a wonderful service as you are showing the world and yourself what you have to offer & that's a beautiful thing!

Even though the journey can be filled with a lot of downs, it also has a lot of up sides.

Schedule a day where it's just focused on you, who you truly are (A lot of you may think "Erm.. what? Just me? isn't that selfish. I have the whole world I need to take care of!")

But that's the thing, you must forget about "the world" and do you since we all count on you being in a total bad-ass blissed out mode. We NEED that, YOU NEED THAT!

I always go for the easiest things people can do since you want to start the journey off gently.

A lot of my clients don't know where to start when we get on the topic of self love and how they must embrace it. So pick a day, Saturday/Sunday and just do the things that you truly enjoy, like:

  • Take a walk in a park

  • Paint

  • Put your face mask on and watch a series you really love (even if others around you don't get it)

  • Garden

  • Take yourself out to your favourite cafe/restuarant

  • Dance

Honestly, anything that makes your soul vibrate HIGH - usually those are the things we just end up putting off because we have more "important" things to do. But YOU ARE THE IMPORTANT ONE!! Your soul wants to express it self and bask in that self love.

So, this week SCHEDULE IT! Make it a habit and you will feel the difference it will make in your life.

Watch my video below as I explain more on this and the types of things you can do.

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Lots of love - Alexandra


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