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Question Your Discomfort | Start EVOLVING

"Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses towards growth." - Anonymous

DISCOMFORT truly is there to GROW you, to PUSH you into the right direction. But most of us get COMFORTABLE WITH DISCOMFORT!!! Why??

Because *cue self sabotage* of our thoughts like:

  • "I don't think I can do it"

  • "I am not worthy of a good life."

  • "I am not good enough."

  • "I am fine with settling."

  • "I don't have the skills."

  • "People will tell me not to"

Etc. etc. the list of BS goes on...

BUT WHY KEEP ON CHOOSING THOSE THOUGHTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN? (I wrote a recent post about how to stop using limiting words and start using empowering words to start pushing yourself towards success) Honestly, because we get comfortable with it. We may not feel 100% comfortable with the BS story we keep telling ourselves but we kind of allow the discomfort to settle into our bodies, giving it a little home within us. In a way we ignore it but at times the discomfort awakens within yourself and starts shouting: "HEY REMEMBER ME?! I WANT TO BE LET OUT!!! CAN WE PLEASE CHANGE OUR SITUATION??? CAN WE PLEASE DO SOMETHING?!"

At this point, you will feel the rage of your discomfort, you may express it in your usual ways and then you go back to settling it down: "Hey remember, we aren't good enough? I don't think I actually want this. I am not made for this." Slowly soothing your discomfort to settle again within you to sleep, even though it truly never goes away or goes fully back to sleep. Just because you don't feel it 100%, you will feel like at least 10-5% of the time, this time just shushing it back to sleep whenever it "pokes" at you. You have to come to an understanding that it will never go away. The discomfort there is to push you to do something you have been wanting to do but it's waiting for you to stop telling yourself the BS stories you keep on telling.

Sure, it's going to be scary, sure some days its going to feel like a complete wreck when you finally decide, enough is enough and just go for it. But that's the whole point in our lives, that's the whole point along our path/journey. It's not suppose to be smooth, we want our victories, we want to be able to tell people about how close we came to quitting but we kept on pushing ourselves, never allowing us to settle or go back to our old lives. Understand that the discomfort is simply there to remind you that this isn't your place, you MUST keep going. Your journey isn't OVER yet and this definitely isn't the finish line. Keep going. Keep thriving and keep pushing yourself to get out of the comfort of discomfort. Watch my video below as I explain more about this topic and how you can take your discomfort to evolve you into the person you are SUPPOSE to be.

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Lots of love - Alexandra


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