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Redefining YOUR Circle | A Way to UP-LEVEL In Your Life

"You become the 5 people you spend the MOST time with. Choose Carefully." Jim Rohn YOUR FRIEND CIRCLE is seriously SO important and what kind of people are in that group of yours.

I have brought this up in an earlier post but I feel like we must repeat certain things and keep saying certain things so that the world can finally start listening and hearing these IMPORTANT MESSAGES!!

When we first start growing up we are usually in this mode of "competition" and whoever is the most popular "wins" (what exactly do we win again???????)

So usually, we end up on this pursuit of being the MOST POPULAR with the MOST FRIENDS and we don't even care what these peoples morals, habits and beliefs are.

We just collect these individuals, stuff them in our friend group as if we were running around the field collecting whatever rocks we find, never considering if it is an actual benefit for us.

I know some of you may be like: "Wow, harsh. I love my BIG friend circle."

But truth is we spend our energy keeping those relationships/friendships alive and A LOT OF THEM TRULY DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT BENEFIT US!

You need to take a harder look as to why you want to keep some people are you, maybe you are afraid of being "alone", maybe you still to this day like to seem very popular and worthy of a ton of attention.

Whatever that issue is, is one you have to resolve because our greatest power is understanding what it is to be alone with yourself and actually ENJOY your own company. If you do have trouble with this then seek me out and let us see what your root cause to this issue that you have.

Another great way to re-evaluate your relationships with people is to envision yourself in the future with your IDEAL life (YES YOU CAN HAVE AND YOU WILL HAVE YOUR IDEAL LIFE) and see if those exact people match that state of reality or you truly do not see them there.

And also keep in mind, do these people:

  • Criticize you ?

  • Dismiss your vision, dreams and goals? Belittle you ?

  • Tell you that they are only telling you something to "protect" you from the risk ?

  • Don't support your effort in your goals ?

  • Don't ask you how you are doing working towards your vision/goals?

If you said yes to any of these questions, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND GET RID OF THEM!!! And remember wherever there is space that is created, something else will move into that space so that you will have different set of friends, one who actually support and encourage your growth.

Welcome them in, welcome that beautiful energy in, because in all likeness they are looking for you too!

To understand more about what I am talking about and how you can start distancing yourself from toxic people. Watch my video below

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Lots of love - Alexandra


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