Reward Your Actions, Not The Result | Developing Self-Discipline

"You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Without action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, no reward." - Miguel Ruiz

Developing Self-Discipline, I believe is a VITAL key in achieving whatever you want in your life. But most people get annoyed, reluctant and lose their power with just the mention of "self-discipline", which I get because it takes a lot of energy to develop this skill the right way. When we set out a goal or desire in mind, truly deep down inside we already KNOW WHAT WE HAVE TO DO in order to achieve it. We understand the action steps but often time something called "procrastination" comes out and holds us back from actually taking the required steps. At the same time when people realize what is truly holding them back from doing something, it usually comes in the form of: - Self Doubt - Not Feeling Good Enough - Worries - Guilt - Lack of Self Worth Etc.


and these will come out to shield you from actually getting the action done in order to achieve your goal in mind. i.e. PROCRASTINATION. Remember: all procrastination is, is a shield or "body guard" so that you won't feel all those negative feelings when you are in the process of taking the required steps. There's a lot of inner work that comes into this! The feelings that come forth when you are about to do something comes from an earlier trauma that you once experienced and because our minds are so brilliant at storing sensitive information to keep you safe, whenever you are faced with a situation, person or goal that may feel like a threat to the nervous system, your brain will kick in high gear reminding you how you shouldn't take those required steps to achieve your goal because it will remind you of just how unworthy you are. Basically, it's all a lie, a story you have been carrying around with yourself! First thing that is important when dealing with procrastination, mastering self-discipline and understanding where your trauma is actually coming from is working with someone to understand what is STORED in your subconscious mind (link: to my hypnotherapy page) and working on yourself daily so that you begin to feel worthy and good enough of your goals and desires.


Not mastering this will only result in you continuously stalling in one area in your life, repeating the same cycles over and over again, only getting to a phase in your life where you may accept the circumstances and convince yourself that this is what you wanted after all. Even though, you know deep down inside that it's just a lie to make yourself feel better. A way a person can start to move forward and get them through the necessary phases of achieving their goals is rewarding their actions NOT the result! Which I know may seem so odd to most of you, as all of us are taught to reward ourselves once we finally acquired something or celebrate certain success, completely forgetting about the PROCESS that got us there. The process is the foundation, the KEY to get to the result, so it's very important to start celebrating your actions that you are required to take! It also makes it more pleasurable when you are doing something foreign and your body and mind keep saying "No, don't do it" to you because it feels uncomfortable. But when you tell your mind that if we do this, then we can take a warm bath, drink a glass of wine, go out to town etc. as the reward for your action, you are likely to succeed and achieve it! This is not to say that you cannot reward yourself once you achieve something but it's much more pleasurable when you celebrate your actions towards the result. For example, you want to write a book but keep delaying it because of self worth issues, if you tell yourself: "Okay, tomorrow I will write JUST ONE SENTENCE for this book." THAT'S AMAZING!! YOU SHOULD DO THAT!! and once you do it, CELEBRATE IT!!! Put on your favourite song and dance and cheer! Make yourself proud that you took the first step into your desire.


Make your brain understand that this is what you want and if you put it into habit, you get to celebrate your actions more often thus making you feel amazing on a frequent basis AND actually achieving all your goals and desires. You are basically becoming a cheerleader for yourself (I wrote an earlier post about this which you can check out here) and the more you do this, the more confidence and self worth you will gain. Watch my video below as I go into details on how you can start to do this, what things you should say to yourself and how you can start getting better at this starting today!

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