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Rewarding Yourself | Be Your Own Cheerleader

"Pause for a moment and realize how much progress you made. Be proud of yourself. Celebrate yourself." - Roxana Jones

I had a client once who would reward himself for the good things he does and things he accomplishes but he also had a punishment if he didn't accomplish it. Now I totally get how this could fuel someone to get themselves to do what they want. and if it works for you - amazing BUT the thing is when he get stuck in a repetitive nature of punishing ourselves or feeling bad about not accomplishing something;, we get use to that and slowly start to get demotivated. We also block other potential outcomes and successes to come through if we get so stuck onto one. I want people to start to realize, that rewarding yourself constantly is your only way to success. Reward yourself for everything you do because that alone will fuel and motivate you to do more! You wrote a sentence for your book, AMAZING ! go purchase your coffee from your favourite coffee shop.

You did 10 squats? AMAZING! go put on something nice, or do your hair, go take a bath, HONESTLY whatever makes you feel good and makes you feel like "yes, I did it!" You need to be your own cheerleader, you're own support system and see yourself through a projection of the version of yourself as you want to be - see that version of you rooting for you, cheering you on and being so darn proud of every step you take. You want to start conditioning the brain to do those things and slowly more and more you will want to do bigger and better things because they will bring bigger and better rewards!! Don't ever forget, You constantly need to remind yourself: HOW AMAZINGLY YOU ARE DOING. HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOURSELF. HOW WORTHY YOU ARE. HOW BRIGHT AND BRILLIANT YOU ARE. HOW GOOD ENOUGH YOU ARE. HOW CAPABLE YOU ARE.

It is always being that amazing support for yourself especially when you go through "hard" times. You need to condition your brain to play you back positive and rewarding conversations and affirmations. This how animals learn to, through positive feedback. This is something YOU MUST ADAPT into your own life! This is what will lead you to the success and goals you so greatly DESERVE! To understand more about what I mean, watch my video below and let me know how you CHEER yourself on! * You go girl or guy *

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