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Soothe Yourself Into Alignment | Find A Less Resisting Thought

"If you ever find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is STOP digging."

SO, you got yourself on the negativity train, huh ? *Choo Choo* and you want to get yourself out and stop the momentum ?

Totally, get it !! No one actually truly enjoys the process/journey or momentum of negative thoughts and situations but you can't just JUMP off that train and head 500 km/h the other way. You must ease yourself into in the opposite direction. So why do we do it? Firstly, because it all starts with only ONE THOUGHT or situation and then you're headed off to negativity land. BUT that doesn't mean you cannot simply get off that train, and get on the rainbow, butterfly & love filled one - You like totally can ;)

So, how? How do we ease into the opposite direction? Well, again you cannot just jump off that train and jump on the other one headed 500 km/h in the other direction. You must ease the train you are already on, allow the momentum to subside and slowly turn it around to go the other way. And how we do that is simply by looking for a less resisting thought - meaning, look around you, find SMALL things that even make your mood 5% better and allow that momentum to carry you through. It's quite simple to be honest, but a lot of people continue to place their attention and momentum on the negative and get stuck in their repetitive loop, crying and complaining that their life just isn't getting better. But you created that momentum, you are literally on that train of thought so the best way is:

  • Go to sleep.

  • Wake up and just say ONE POSITIVE thing about yourself or the place you live.

  • Drink your coffee or tea with pleasure, tune into the subtle hints of flavours, temperature and allow it to soothe you.

  • When you walk to work or drive, look around and tune into things that would make you happier.

Only these few things will finally start getting your train moving in the right direction and remember, it will start of SLOWLY but you want the 5% - 10% of positivity so that you can gather your momentum and soon you will feel 100% better. Watch my video down below as I explain more and how you can get your train of thought into the right direction.

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Lots of Love - Alexandra


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