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Start Looking At Yourself | People Are Our Mirror

"Other people are like a mirror which reflects back on us the kind of image we cast." - Fulton J. Sheen We have heard this concept over and over again, again accepting the meaning but not truly understanding what someone being YOUR mirror truly means. I know at some point in time you saw something, heard or experienced something in someone you may have not liked and you were telling this to your friend, and your friend responds with: "Oh this person is your mirror." Which most likely triggered you or made you ponder more about what this friend of yours meant. Or perhaps you were the friend ;)

But why, why are people our mirror?

Why do the most annoying, negative people in our world that we meet become OUR mirror. I know many peoples egos already asking that question and getting quite defensive how this CAN'T be true!

"Your attitude is like a mirror. The attitude you give out is the same attitude you will get back." - Justin Herald

Well, I am just beginning to discover why people being are mirror is actually quite relevant for our evolution and growth in life. Most of us have experience a negative or annoying person we don't like or a certain situation with our spouse that kind of annoys us. We will complain about this trait to other people saying how we do not understand why this person is such a way and wish they could just change. Well, I am here to tell you that, that certain quality or characteristic in someone else means you actually have the same quality within yourself either expressed a little differently or something that hasn't been brought to your awareness yet (yep, I know this can be a big trigger post but don't I already make a lot of these :P)

People around us become OUR mirrors because for the most important factor that we actually REFUSE to look at ourselves. Our egos get so defensive and protective about us because we were brought up in a society how you must be a certain way, say things in a certain way to qualify as a "good and worthy human being" So anything that is outside of that or we see in someone else that makes us think they aren't a good person, we will never see within ourselves. Well, unless you become aware ;).

"This world, people around you is a mirror where you see your deeds, your life and your behaviour reflected back as you behave." - Kunal Narayan Uniyal

Becoming aware of the situation and also how your ego will start reacting to these things and people being our mirror is the first part of the equation. See, if we refuse to see ourselves a certain way, life actually thought of a great way to start looking at the parts you don't want to see within yourself and that is to bring other people up in your life to MIRROR your qualities you must change within yourself!! dum dum dum!!

It's natures brilliant ways of bringing the ego into awareness and having the change occur within so you stop experiencing that thing in your outside world. So whatever doesn't go unchanged within YOURSELF, life will constantly be bringing certain people in your life to mirror you the behaviour you must change within YOURSELF!!! Until you change that certain quality within yourself, you will continuously be repeating certain patterns and attracting certain people in your life who annoy you or are negative. A great way to start waking up and understanding yourself better in these situations, is to acknowledge what is happening, understand that someone else is frustrating you and instead of reacting or gossiping, start asking yourself questions like: "Why am I experiencing this within this person?" "What is this experience trying to teach me?" "Do I do the same thing as this person?" "Do I have the same quality or characteristic in myself?" "What's in me that I am bringing this in my world right now?" These are truly powerful questions that will bring you an answer for sure and make you start to understand why this is happening within your own world. Once you fix this within yourself, you will actually stop experiencing a certain person a certain way or that person will disappear from your life altogether as you have finally realized the lesson.

"Life is your mirror. What you see as your outside, always comes from our inside."- Roxana Jones

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Don't allow your ego to get the best of you and sleep in these moments. Wake up and understand the power you actually hold. Lots of love and light. - Alexandra


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