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Step into the Person You Want to Become | Your Highest Self

"Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small. You’e meant for greater things."

WHEN BECOMING THE PERSON YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO BECOME, you must start to embody that person. You must start to envision how that future you would look, talk, act and feel and actually start adopting those behaviours. Why? Because that is how you start walking into your future, like you OWN IT!

Most of us are use to the certain ways we grew up and behaved; and because we are use to those habits we tend to repeat them over and over again, wondering when we will ever have anything different and spectacular in our lives. You just start practicing this way of being, EVERY DAMN DAY! You must start acting like what you want is already yours because that vibrational version already exists; so technically you do have it but it just hasn’t manifest yet in this current reality. Doesn’t mean you don’t have it or won't have it but you MUST start acting like that future version of YOU ! Most of us think about it, like the idea of it and may practice it for a day or two BUT YOU MUST DO IT ALL THE TIME! We practice what we know, what is familiar. And this future version of you ISN’T familiar JUST YET, but it will be; until you start practicing every god damn day and start showing up for YOURSELF. If you want the change, if you are so tired of the same old, you WILL start showing up for yourself and start making it a habit, a practice of what that future you looks like, acts like, talks like, heck even what kind of people that future version of yourself hangs out with. Start embodying that person and you will see you will start walking into your future, like “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey I’m here. Wheres my crown? Thanks 😊

Watch my video below as I go into more details and how you can start doing this for yourself.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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